DOREA is happy to announce that we have approved Erasmus+ KA1: Mobility for young people and youth workers project: “Enter Unity – EU4U” to implement this year. We will invite participants from Cyprus, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia, Turkey and Montenegro.

The context and the origin of the project is the need of Europe to have young people actively engaged in the EU youth activities and the social need to empower them to do so. Solidarity of young people is an important goal of the European Union and this project aspires to cultivate just that. Moreover, collaboration with youth organisations enables people responsible for the activities of this project to understand the present situation of youth and its potential to influence policy-makers in the future.

Project will focus on training course for youth workers to encourage exchange of good practice in raising awareness of EU policy, youth opportunities in active civic participation. Project partners aim to empower young people and citizens in order to help them understand the choices they have within Europe to participate in the mechanisms actively. Therefore, as project consortium involves organizations from current EU member states and candidate countries to join EU, it will give deeper understanding of EU work; reflect on current challenges that face Europe. Social cohesion, youth creativity, EU strategies for youth will be reflected in Guidebook for youth workers, which will be developed during the training course.

The overall aim of the project is strengthening the role of youth work and to encourage young people to be active citizens also improvement of participants’ competences, knowledge, skills and attitudes to their influence towards the youth’s future in European context. Also to increase the knowledge of the opportunities for developing better civil society matching between the youth capabilities and current issues.

More information you can find here.

More about Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for young people and youth workers programme here.

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