International Multiplier Conference – Eco-Entrepreneurship & Circular Economy: On the Path to Sustainable Change

Youth Council Next Generation Skopje hosted the International Multiplier Conference on March 14 and 15, 2024, at Mladinski Centar Skopje (Maticno), marking a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable development and innovation.   


The final conference was organised as a part of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Eco-Entrepreneurship & Circular Economy: On the Path to Sustainable Change”. The project is set in line with the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme. and is based on the need to increase the capacities of 6 youth organizations representing the program to work with the concepts of eco-entrepreneurship and circular economy, to be able to develop competencies of young people as well as young people with fewer opportunities, and to transfer the principles of circular economy in their practices to become more green, sustainable youth organizations ready to face ecological and sustainable challenges of 21st century.

International Multiplier Conference - Eco-Entrepreneurship & Circular EconomyInternational Multiplier Conference

About 70 young people, high school and university students, team members, and guest speakers from non-governmental organizations and eco-entrepreneurships attended the conference. The event brought together ideas and innovation from North Macedonia, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, and Montenegro.

With a rich and diverse agenda, the conference provided a platform to showcase the tangible outcomes of the project. Highlights included presentations on Youth Exchange experiences, insights gained from a Study Visit, Productive Meetings, and the unveiling of a captivating Board Game centred on eco-entrepreneurship and circular economy principles.

This conference shared information and experiences and showed youth commitment to sustainable change. Youth participation in critical discussions helps create a future where sustainable practices are not just imagined but implemented with success.

Opportunities with Erasmus+

Erasmus+ projects encourage youth and its workers to travel abroad for networking or training in order to advance their skills for future career choices. These periods spent abroad include training sessions, study trips and other activities, like this project. It is a possibility to expand each individual’s horizons with the help of the European Union. Projects like these can also encourage younger people to take part in more of these kinds of projects and start their self-development at an early age.


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