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European SME Week 2023European SME Week 2023: Get to know more about the event

The European SME Week 2023 is set to take place from 13th – 17th November 2023 in Bilbao, the biggest city in Basque Country. The event is going to be a great opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the whole continent.

The SME week, in corporation with the Europe Enterprise Network’s (EEN) conference, will be even larger and better than the previous years. The EEN provides a unique potential for young entrepreneurs to connect with potential investors and get an insight into their ideas and projects.

If you are interested in SMEs and would like to expand your connections via networking, find more information about the event here


Erasmus+ 2023 budget: 4.43 billion assessment to support Ukraine’s studentsErasmus+ 2023 budget: 4.43 billion assessment to support Ukraine’s students

Erasmus+ set a high budget to assist the education sector to help the country in an extremely difficult situation. The programme also supports those citizens who fled from Ukraine.

With the amount of support, Erasmus+ can enrich its priorities like inclusion, active citizenship, democratic participation, moreover green and digital transformation. Erasmus’ fundamental value is to support the movement of people across borders and to encourage teachers and students of different ages.

Check the Erasmus+ website for more information.


Support children with special educational needs

Source: https://www.education-ni.gov.uk/

Support children with special educational needs

While a powerful school-home system helps all learners, we should not forget to offer support for students with special educational needs (SEN) as well.

For those children who have SEN, it is important to be conscious of their strengths and weaknesses. Hence, parents need to be involved in the processes of creating new decision-making schedules concerning students’ education. Early childhood intervention is important to strengthen families by creating an environment that can help the child in the proper studies (to acquire new skills in the first years of life).

A strong, confidential connection is required between the school and the parents, while communication is also crucial among the two stakeholders just as involvement and support.

Check more information about SEN here.

Expanding interest in the European Student Card – The year 2023

Source: https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/

Expanding interest in the European Student Card – The year 2023

2022 was a promising year for the European Student Card, which helps students with their mobility – now in all the 33 Erasmus+ Programme Countries.

The ESC is popular among students due to its efficiency and supportive system to reach students and institutions by accessing services. The system reached several achievements last year, including running the first annual ESC Survey to assess cardholders’ and card issuers’ needs, which had more than 5,700 responses, and creating a helpdesk and guidelines for stakeholders and card users.

In 2023, the European Student Card will upgrade the version of the ESC- Router, which means that new services and functionalities will be available for the users.

If you are interested in ESC and thinking about joining as well, visit the website here.

2023 Erasmus+ European Universities call attracts 65 proposals

Source: https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/

2023 Erasmus+ European Universities call attracts 65 proposals involving 500 institutions across Europe

The 2023 call submitted proposals brings us closer to reaching the European strategy for universities objective of 60 European Universities alliances established by mid-2023, involving around 500 higher education institutions across Europe.

The European Universities initiative supports higher education institutions to achieve greater quality, performance, attractiveness and international competitiveness. It promotes common European values and strengthened European identity. The initiative does this by setting innovative and diverse models of long-term institutionalized cooperation between higher education institutions (HEIs) across Europe.

This was implemented under Erasmus+ through a series of calls for proposals. The latest call closed on 31st of January, 2023. Results are expected in summer 2023.

More information can be found here.

eTwinning Day

Source: https://school-education.ec.europa.eu/

Let’s count down together to eTwinning Day!

On the 9th of May, eTwinning Day is celebrating its anniversary with inspiring activities on innovation and education. Like every community, eTwinners have their own rituals.  

This year, eTwinners will participate in a seven-day community countdown until eTwinning day. From the 2nd of May, every day will be dedicated to a specific activity designed to help teachers deploy the annual theme of 2023. Therefore, these daily activities will focus on creativity, building community and encouraging teachers to reflect on how to bring innovation into the classroom.  

On the day itself, eTwinners can attend a special webinar where each of the activities will be presented by the ambassadors. Participants will be able to share their experiences’ outcomes while interacting with their peers. While the first part of the event will be dedicated to discussing the activities included in the countdown, the second part will be an interactive space for games, reflections and fun moments among peers.

More info and a countdown for the event will follow, more info can be found here.



Prepared by Zandis Kadakovskis  & Olivér Berecz


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