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E-TwinningLearning From Our Past, Designing Our Future with E-Twinning

eTwinning has published its 2018 book Learning from the past, designing our future: Europe’s cultural heritage through e-Twinning.  88% of respondents agree that Europe’s cultural heritage should be included in school’s curriculum, according to Eurobarometer. The aim of the book is to explore various aspects of cultural heritage. Next to that, it aims to encourage people, especially children and young people, to explore Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. Moreover, the book explains what is meant by cultural heritage and an introduction to heritage interpretation as a learning approach.

You can find the book here.

EU Equal PaydayEU Equal Payday

Saturday, 3rd of November, was Equal Payday. Women in the European Union still earn on average 16.2% less than men. It marks the moment when women symbolically stop getting paid compared to their male colleagues, with 16% of the working year remaining. Ahead of this day, First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, Commissioner Marianne Thyssen and Commissioner Věra Jourová said: “Women and men are equal. This is one of the EU’s founding values. But women still effectively work for two months unpaid each year, compared to their male colleagues. We cannot accept this situation any longer.”  This principle is unfair, it puts women in uncertain situations. The Commission has put a number of proposal on the table to address his issue in the workplace.

More information about the pay gap can be found here.

Free Movement50th Anniversary of Free Movement

In 2018, the European Union is celebrating the 50 years of free movement of workers in the EU, one of the greatest freedoms of its citizens. Free movement is one of the four fundamental freedoms of the Union. A report published by the Court of Auditors found out that the tools put in place by the Commission ensure the freedom of movement of workers but deserve to be better known.

Access the report here.

E-Learning E-Learning Programme to Reduce Environmental Impact

Environmental Learning Illustrated (ELI) has developed this project with the main goal to develop an educational e-learning programme for adults where participants can learn about the science of climate change as well as other environmental problems, and learn about the solution for these problems. The modules will include visual aids in the form of 50 illustrations created by artists in Italy and Poland. In addition a 20-page graphic novel will be created by one artist in either the UK or Austria.

Learn more about the project here.

Migrant KidsPetite Ecole: An Educational Path For Migrant Kids

Petite Ecole started as a volunteering initiative in 2015 and turned into a more stable project, two years later, thanks to both public and private funding. It is an educational initiative aimed at promoting access to education for children who have had little or no previous schooling. It offers a safe space where the teachers act as benevolent observers. Petite Ecole follow the children for an undefined and flexible time period. The whole project is built around three pillars: reception and accompaniment of children towards learning, cultural mediation with families, and the research laboratory.

Read more about this initiative here.

Teaching CareersTeaching Careers in Europe

At a time when teacher becomes increasingly important, what are the main challenges in the field of teaching related to supply and demand and how do education systems address these issues? How do education systems address these issues and how does one qualify to be a teacher? What are the career opportunities in the field of teaching? Eurydice has published a comparative overview of national policies on teacher careers across Europe, which covers 43 European education systems and provides an analysis of different aspects of the teaching profession.

Read more about this overview here.

eTwinning Apply Now for eTwinning European Prizes 2019

It is time to apply for the eTwinning European Prizes for the year 2019. To apply for the competition, projects must have been awarded the European Quality Label in any year of the project’s lifespan. An entry is a European eTwinning project involving schools from different countries using ICT. All projects must be able to prove that they have been active in the previous school year.

Click here to apply.


Students with DisabilitiesHelping Students with Disabilities: How to prepare them for the job market

Handicap + Studies Expert Centre is dedicated to helping students with disabilities. Their mission is to enable these students to pursue the education of their choice.  Just like any other student, it is important to prepare them for the job market. However, disabilities cause an extra challenge, employment figures reveal the average participation rate among people with occupational impairments is lower than that of unimpaired workers according to Marian de Groot. Education institutions have a responsibility to provide degree and qualification training, however, their support ends when certificates are handed out, leaving the student on their own. This is where Handicap + Studies Expert Centre offers their support.

Read more here


Prepared by Dimyana Salib

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