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erasmus quizErasmus+ Quiz

It is now possible to find out what Erasmus+ type you are! Learn whether it is better for you to stay in a comfort zone or to explore the world. The short quiz is both thought-provoking and enjoyable. Try it out now.

You can find the quiz here.


EU instructionsThe EU Aims to Reduce Students’ Low Achievements

It is expected that by 2020 the percentage of 15-year-olds with low performance in mathematics, reading and science will be reduced to less than 15%.  How are European states going to achieve this? One of the main ways is to change instruction time in full-time compulsory education.

You can find more information and the full Eurydice’s analysis on this case here.

music polifoniaThe ‘Polifonia’ Project

Europe has a rich treasury of music. Therefore, maintenance and development of higher music education remains a truly important practice. This is exactly what ‘Polifonia’ network does, which includes over 60 active organizations from 35 countries worldwide. Additionally, this project is under further development!

Click here to read more.

EuropeThe Essentials of Europe

Are you a student from outside Europe who wishes to study there but knows no too much about this continent? If yes, then visit a website that provides some basic information about its countries, weather, food and more. Even Europeans can certainly find something new about their home continent.

Click here to find the essentials.

Culture HeritageEuropean Year of Culture Heritage 2018

Throughout this year, Europe celebrates its differing cultural heritage at local, regional, national and even EU levels. The objective of this initiative is to spiritually stimulate more people to discover conserved treasures as well as to strengthen a sense of belonging to a common space. Heritage not only allows to travel to the past but inspires future creation. Check the interactive map of heritage.

The map can be found here.

Higher educationEuropean Higher Education Virtual Fair 2018

This initiative allows Indian students to communicate directly with universities in Europe in order to learn a lot about higher education. It will be possible to attend those webinars directly from home! Furthermore, the website (given below) offers to learn more about European educational environment, specialties and universities.

Click here if interested.

Erasmus lifechangeHow Can Erasmus+ Change You?

When a student leaves comfortable home and finds himself/herself in a new and different mobility location, it is basically impossible to avoid personal changes. What can be gained? It is said that such an experience increases self-confidence, openness, adaptability and makes other effects. You can learn more from “Annual Report 2016”.

The document is stored here.

DegreeErasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

If you still want to climb a further step in an academic field and to experience studies somewhere else (e.g. in Spain or Hungary), there is a good chance to apply for a maximum of three different study programmes (out of 110). Additionally, it will be possible to receive EU-funded scholarships!

Click here for more details.



Prepared by Rimvydas Burba


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