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The 2018 OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) results are out!

The first version of TALIS 2018 “Teachers and school leaders as lifelong learners” examines the areas of professionalism of teachers in schools across 48 countries, with the main focus on lower secondary education. The OECD TALIS is the largest international survey giving voice to teachers and school leaders. The purpose is to draw meaningful comparisons over time and across countries with the threefold purpose of supporting decision-makers, helping staff and informing the future work of researchers.

Find out more about the survey here.

World Photo Day 2019 and the EPALE UK Start Supporter Photo Competition

World Photo Day is celebrated by lovers of photography all over the globe and takes place every year on 19 August. It started in 2009 when an Australian photographer decided to encourage people to share their photographs and raise awareness of problems in the world that are important to them. Currently World Photo Day stimulate millions to partake in this day and help raise thousands of dollars for charitable causes. Participation is a great way to raise your profile or gain exposure for organisations.

Find out more information here.

Sign up here.

Successful partnership to address unemployment

The world of work is changing and people of working age are facing new challenges of adapting to new requirements. A GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2019 participant, set a goal to address the issue of long-term unemployment and developed a wide range of useful teaching and learning tools and supporting materials. The project provides an example of successful cooperation that resulted in extensive work which made reaching out to various target groups possible.

Learn more about the project here.

National Retraining Scheme policy paper released

The government has launched the National Retraining Scheme, a collaboration between the government, the Trade Unions Congress and the Confederation of British Industry. The aim of this collaboration is to prepare workers for the changes in the economic landscape by building skills to retrain and focus on professional development that will prepare them for the future. Those eligible will be employed adults over the age of 24 who do not have a degree level qualification and are earning below average wage.

Find out more about the policy here.

EduCare online training course for safeguarding vulnerable adults

EduCare is an online training course provider that focuses on protecting children, young people and adults for risk and harm. They deliver the course with the goal to prepare anyone working with vulnerable adults to identify indications of abuse and take action against it. Completing the course provides participants with four CPD credits and a certificate to serve as evidence of learning. It shares close links with other health care training offerings and can also be purchased as part of the Health&Social Care package.

Check out the courses here.

Low-educated adults and ICT: triggering primary motivation to learn

Statistics show us that normally the ones who are left out of education are the ones that need it the most. Low-educated individuals, for whom education has become unobtainable not only due to their social and economic status but also due to inner barriers of fear and shame, and thus a lack of motivation. The GRUNDTWIG AWARD 2019 participant, project LearnersMot, aims to help low-educated adults develop their primary motivation to get involved in learning through the use of ICT tools and modern teaching methods.

Find out more about the project here.

A new Deal for European Higher Education and Research Areas

The new Commission President of the EU will have great influence on the future of the European Higher Education and Research Areas. In Particular, to the shaping of the next Multiannual Financial Framework as well as the Erasmus+ and the Horizon Europe programs. European Universities have joined forces to create a new media campaign called “Seize our Common Future: Joint Call for an Ambitious Horizon Europe Budget”. The goal is for a new deal for the European Higher Education and Research Areas.

Read full article here.

European Vocational Skills Week 2019

Vocational Education and Training is open to everyone. VET has been increasing in popularity as a first choice for young people and adults to discover their talents and learn life skills. European Vocational Skills Week is dedicated to raising the awareness of VET. Last year’s skills week saw over 2.4 million participants. This year it will be bigger and better. This year the European Vocational Skills Week will take place 14 till 18 October 2019. #DiscoverYourTalent #EUVocationalSkills

Learn more about European Vocational Skills Week here.



Prepared by Rachel van Wetten


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