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Latest Book Authored by Professor Peter Mayo

Higher Education in a Globalizing World. Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning is the latest book by Peter Mayo to be published. It focuses on current policy discourse in higher education, globalization, Lifelong Learning, the EU’s higher education discourse. The book outlines the wide range of alternative practices in higher education used around the world and sheds light on how these can provide the elements the shape a public good oriented higher education can develop in future.

Read more about the book here.

EAEA Grundtvig Award winner: taking learning out of the classroom in Italy

In 2019 EAEA Grundvig Award was celebrating the development of life skills in non-formal adult education. The winners of the national projects category, the project “Street University”, coordinated by Unieda, an association of popular universities in Italy, an innovative approach in breaking walls between adult learners and education. The objective of the project is to address the part of society that is considered functionally illiterate. The project re-introduces citizens to the pleasure of learning and being part of the community through a training course that places the individual at the center.

Find out more about the project here.

eFamilies: involving families in eTwinning projects

Involving families in the classroom is very important. Combining the European and collaborative scopes provided by eTwinning, an unforgettable learning experience can be constructed for the students.  Learning takes place through family collaboration and involvement in interactive groups. Schools and families should join hands for the sake of children’s education. eTwinning provides families with useful information and help them discover things about their teenagers they may not know, such as their preferences, friends and hobbies.

Find the full article here.

International Adult Education Hall of Fame

Professor Peter Mayo, has just been notified that his nomination by international peers to be inducted to the International Adult Education Hall of Fame has been accepted. On September 19th he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Adult Education on the eve of the Triennial Conference of the European Society for Research in the Education of Adults. The induction ceremony will take place in Belgrade where the ESREA conference is being held. Professor Mayo said:” I see this as recognition of Malta’s collective contribution to the internationalization of adult education.

Find out more about the conference here.

EAEA Grundtvig Award winner: developing entrepreneurial skills with online courses

In June EAEA and its members celebrated the winners of Grundtvig Award 2019 in Copenhagen. The winner of the European category, project OpenITup, addresses a very topical and hot issue of today’s job market: unemployment. The project promotes the idea of entrepreneurial thinking and self-employment as a solution to the high demand for jobs and low job market capacity. The project teaches entrepreneurial skills through a humanistic approach, making learning comfortable, convenient and relevant to different types of people.

Find out more here.

Congress welcomes new El Executive Board

The torch was passed on the last day of Education International’s 8th World Congress as the new Executive Board was officially welcomed and delegates paid tribute to outgoing members. The elections saw a considerable increase in the number of women voted onto the Executive Board, rising from 10 in the 2015-2019 mandate to 15 in the new configuration. Congress sent a very strong message with their choice, electing 15 women and 12 men to the originations leadership.

Read more here.

Congress takes action to achieve universal free quality education

The fourth day of Education International’s 8th World Congress was a celebration of human rights and an expression of the collective strength of the teaching profession. The theme of the day was ensuring free quality education for all. Working on Congress key matters, delegates also adopted resolutions in support of social development goals, high quality early childhood education; information and communications technologies, global citizenship education and others tied to education.

Find out more information here.

AHEAD International Conference 2020: Call for Papers

AHEAD is an organization that is primarily focused on promoting full access and participation of students with disabilities in further, higher education and employment. They will host their international conference “Through the looking glass” which will reflect on inclusions from the boardroom to the classroom, on the 26th and 27th March 2020 in Dublin. This conference will ask participants to reflect on how we can support community approaches to higher education across the globe to meet the needs of all the students.

Read more about the conference here.



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