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portabilityPortability in the EU

Since the 1st of April, the new Portability Regulation has been active. This means that online content services within the internal market can now cross borders! For you, this means that if you have a Netflix account, you can now take your own country’s series with you!

For more information, click here.

european history“My House of European History”

With the arrival of the new European Solidarity Corps, certain projects and activities have already been completed. To give people who would like to join the European Solidarity Corps an idea of what they can expect, “My House of European History” was launched. Through this platform, volunteers can share their stories, which are open to anyone to read/

Check the website out here and add your story.

epale logoEPALE celebrates its third anniversary

The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) celebrated three years of existence on the 4th of April. The Platform currently has over 37,000 registered members and continues to grow. With their 36 national teams, EPALE continues to be an asset to educators

DOREA Educational Institute congratulates EPALE on this milestone! #EPALECelebrates.


right to writeThe right to write

During a social event, Pamela Spiteri met a person who did not know how to read and write. He wanted to learn but felt like teachers would not understand how he felt. After this occasion, ms. Spiteri decided to research and come up with three tips for teachers teaching illiterate people.

Her tips and the full article can be found here.

epale logo 2EPALEs focus for April: Outreach and Guidance

The aim of this month’s focus is to collect and showcase good practice examples of outreach policies, projects and initiatives for enlarging participation in adult learning. As outreach alone is not enough, guidance is also a part of the process to ensure participation in lifelong learning and achieve optimal results in the process. A thematic page on this topic has been created by EPALE where everyone is able to share their best practices.

The thematic page can be found here. Happy sharing!

european schoolnetJoin the European Schoolnet’s new modules

Policymakers, headteachers, principals and teachers are welcome to join the online training course regarding Technology-Enhanced Teaching. The course is the result of one of the largest experiments in education in Europe.

For more information and how to enrol, click here.

tmail appIntroducing: tMAIL

The app tMAIL (short for Teacher Mobile Application for Innovative Learning) has been launched which introduces primary school teachers to self-regulated learning with personalised and responsive analytics. With the app, primary teachers can better apply personalised learning in their classrooms.

The app is free and more information can be found here.

EU surveySurvey time

The European Commission has set out a new survey which reviews the synergies among its networks. With the analysis, a report will be prepared including a comprehensive map of all EU networks, basic features and communication activities. In the survey, your perception and opinion on the functioning, accessibility and visibility of EU networks will be asked about.

The survey is available in several languages and can be found here.


Prepared by  Tessa Verheij


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