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Erasmus+ Impact on Austria’s EconomyErasmus+ Impact on Austria’s Economy

People usually think that Erasmus+ activities mainly affect its direct participants: individuals and institutions. However, the program might actually have a rather huge impact on the whole state. More precisely, on its economy. Learn more about Austria’s case by reading the short article.

It is located here.


The Report on Adult Participation in Learning SurveyThe Report on Adult Participation in Learning Survey

The Learning and Work Institute (L&W) collected answers from more than five thousand adults across the United Kingdom. This new data shows who participated in learning, their difficulties, motivations, and benefits that were experienced. Surprisingly, the results strongly differ from those collected in earlier reports.

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 Webinar mistakesHow to Avoid Mistakes When Organizing Educational Webinars?

Webinars are becoming more and more relevant tool for education. Thus, teachers are naturally concerned to learn more about this synchronous distance learning in order to avoid crucial mistakes. The Polish methodologist Piotr Maczuga, who have produced more than 2,000 webinars, points out five reasons that make webinars unsuccessful.

If you want to learn how to eliminate those mistakes, click here.



Lifelong learningThe New Publication by the Lifelong Learning Platform

This material, which is named “Feasibility Study on National Lifelong Learning Platforms”, was conducted in 2016-2017. The abstract says that the study “investigates the cross-sector cooperation at national level and analyses existing national cultures related to lifelong learning and the extent to which they are in line with EU policies and recommendations in five European countries.”

Interested in results? Click here to find the complete publication.



 Cultural adult educationPilot Project BADGES

Nowadays, education at schools is not enough. Therefore, there are more ways to deepen varied knowledge. One of them is to explore cultural heritage sites. But most of education activities in this field are mostly focused on youth. Consequently, the BADGES project intends to involve adults into heritage learning.

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Media LiteracyEPALE Focus: Media Literacy

Media is powerful enough to form not only our current thoughts or political views, but it can also change our understanding about ourselves. Obviously, some media sources manipulate, spread fake news. Even adults frequently cannot understand what is real and what is not. Therefore, EPALE organizes a live discussion on the role of media literacy in adult education. It will take place on 27 September 2018.

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Week of SportsWeek of Sports 2018

The Week of Sport is for every European, no matter their background, fitness level or age. Since its beginning in 2015, this major initiative offers a lot of ways to act and to be more aware of the importance of physical activity. For example, the website of this project contains plenty of materials that help to engage into this topic.

Much more information is stored here.



eTwinning PlatformHow to Use the eTwinning Platform?

Teachers that have recently registered on eTwinning or are planning to do so, may find this platform difficult to use. Thus, the self-teaching materials (STM) mini website can answer all the questions on how to use this platform: from how to start a project with your peers to how to generate the most of learning events and online seminars.

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Prepared by Rimvydas Burba


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