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The EU officials are launching the third edition of the LLLAwards (Lifelong Learning Awards). The aim of this project is to acknowledge innovative individuals that are functioning all over the Europe in order to interest societies in lifelong learning as well as to encourage new policies and practices. Maybe you are one of those innovators? Apply until the 15th of August. Click here to learn more.



PollHow important ae the arts in school today?

It is rather clear that the contemporary school education is cherishing mathematical sciences, ICT and other fields that are boosting evolution of the Digital Age. But what role is being played by the arts? Take a short poll and wait for the results that will be published on School Education Gateway.

Click here to find the poll and other details.




CompetitionWhat is EU Datathon 2018?

It is the competition designated to stress the potential of linking the EU and national data as well as to promote the reuse of open data. By using it, a participant must create a new mobile or web application that would improve the everyday lives of European citizens. Prizes are worth of attention. The last day to register a project is the 15th of July 2018. A full description can be found here.

AustriaAn Austrian way to educate its pupils

When the end of academic year was approaching in the middle of June, Austrian teachers did not instantly allow their students to have careless holidays. Schools and cultural institutions encouraged thousands of pupils to take part in various cultural and artistic activities.
You can find the article here.


Teacher‘Europe in Perspective’ programme

If you are an artist, teacher or cultural practitioner who is motivated to gain new knowledge in the spheres of intercultural creativity and mobility, you may consider applying for the programme. This initiative unites cultural professionals and teachers from the whole Europe for learning exchanges. Deadline: the 3th of September 2018.

Click here if interested.




Graduate trackingA call for expert applicants

The European Commission is creating a new expert group on graduate tracking. The main aim of the tracking is to improve quality and relevance of education by obtaining good quality information about what graduates do after obtaining their qualification or after leaving education. Deadline: the 27th of July 2018. Later applications will be accepted only if additional members will be needed.

Do you want to learn more? Click here.


Music EducationThe importance of school music education

Core subjects are always a priority for majority of schools. However, music discipline is sometimes not included in that “core”. Does this have any meaningful effect? Is there any relationship between studying music and receiving good grades in other disciplines?

Answers and other interesting details can be found here.

EuropeErasmus+ country and regional fact sheets

If you did not know, there is a way to learn about Erasmus+ impact on participant countries. Understandably, not only Europeans are involved in Erasmus+ activities. This means that you can also open factsheets about such states as Zimbabwe, China or Australia. Give it a try!

Click here to find the fact sheets.




Prepared by Rimvydas Burba


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