The DEcolonial body – Workshop

DOREA Team is inviting 2 people (residents of Cyprus) to take part in the upcoming 10-days training event that will take place on 4th -15th July 2021 (including travel days).  The training course will gather participants from Cyprus, Italy and Germany.

The training is organised as a part of the ERASMUS+ KA2 PROJECT “Reconnect” that aims to create a new approach in practices of learning and unlearning arts to intervene in hegemonic knowledge in artistic production. The participants of the project will go through a capacity building programme created by the project to train new ways of self-expression, working with theatre, role-playing and situational games, discussion events with (local) politicians, world café, decolonial cultural dance, creative writing, and more.


Workshop goals

This workshop proposes a dialogue between migrant bodies that absolves all kinds of violence daily in European society. Through the research of African diaspora & African cultural movements, we will transform experiences of colonization and violence into an experience of freedom in movement. The main goal is to discover artistic research in cultural diversity context, exploring dance and choreography as expression and affirmation of the body that carries a kind of “southern motion”.

The participants from the workshops will experiment with creative writing, theatrical games and choreographic creation on themes around these questions:

  • How to promote dialogue between various ways of artistic knowledge and value the cultural dialogues based on the ecology of knowledge?
  • How to see the dancer’s subjectivity and body not from naturally given but rather culturally constructed and inscribed by the discourse of dance and choreography?
  • What are cultural hierarchies? And how to work with arts from different cultures without primitivized, fetishized, appropriated, and stripped their bodies from their cultural context?


Workshop results

At the end of the activity, we will reflect on race, gender, class and sexuality as structural issues that are interconnected in the process of education and political positioning of the artist’s bodies. During the week we will create a performance that dialogues with the personal experience of the participants and the workshop topics. We will focus on research on performing arts with a pedagogical approach and present the performance in the public space as a project outcome.


How to register?

To register for an online course please fill in the online form here

If You have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the project coordinator Viktoria at, call us at +357 25 25 66 06.

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