MASTER (Measures for Adults to Support Transition to further Education and Re-skilling opportunities) is an Erasmus+ funded project designed to facilitate the participation of low-skilled adults in formal education, training opportunities and in the labour market. MASTER aims to develop and/or reinforce personal, social and learning competencies, which are considered vital for the re-activation and re-engagement of potential learners from vulnerable groups. The project aims to reach adults who fall into the following categories: long term unemployed; socially vulnerable adults; adults from a migrant background.

As a part of the project, we are going to develop an ‘Outreach Strategy,’ to improve the capacity of Adult Education providers to reach out to their target groups. Given the specific demographic of the target group, the ‘Outreach Strategy’ aims to identify the best method for reaching adults from these socio-economic backgrounds. It is necessary for the partnership to consider the challenges faced by these groups (for example, potential limited access to technology, social mobility issues, and language barriers).

To develop an inclusive and effective ‘Outreach Strategy,’ the MASTER partnership is contacting Stakeholders, to gather feedback on methods of approach.

The questionnaire shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. Thank you for your time!

For further information please send us an email to or call us +357 25 25 66 06.

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