Problem Solving and Decision Making

Description:  Learn to apply decision-making and problem-solving skills to reduce risk and choose the best course of action while strategically achieving objectives. The overarching aim of this particular seminar is to help participants develop soft skills and enhance their understanding of conflict management, contempt and negativity.

This 5-day seminar will assist a multi-national European group of participants to develop their conflict management skills while helping in their personal development, learning new tools and techniques and connecting with others in a meaningful way. By actively empowering participants to handle conflicts and crises in their classrooms and in their work environments, educators are at the same time receiving an important boost in their self-confidence while acquiring important tools and techniques.


Number of Participants

Per Country

  • Sweden 20% 20%
  • Portugal 18% 18%
  • Poland 16% 16%
  • Turkey 10% 10%
  • Other 36% 36%


European School Education Platform
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Dates and Locations

Limassol, Cyprus

  • 24.–28.06.2024
  • 28.10.–01.11.2024
  • 27.–31.10.2025

Prague, Czech Republic

  • 26.02.–01.03.2024

Rome, Italy

  • 24.–28.02.2025

Split, Croatia

  • 16.–20.06.2025


Don’t see the dates that suit your group?  Send us an e-mail with the proposed dates and location and we will get back to you.*

*- Only in case you are 6 or more persons from the same organisation.

Daily Programme


  • Introduction to methodology that will be used
  • Introduction of team members
  • Ice-breakers - Bringing sensations, emotions and the body in the process
  • Working with the following questions:
  • What does each person bring into the group and into the process?
  • What are the needs of individual members?
  • What expectations arise?
  • Goal-setting for the seminar
  • Using insights of Day 1


  • Skill Building – Effective Communication
  • Learning to deeply listen
  • Defining problems in the educational workplace/setting
  • Understanding problem-solving techniques that we can apply to these situations
  • Roleplays
  • Using insights of Day 2 when working as educators


  • Working with difficult emotions
  • Understanding the decision-making process and how to apply this to your problems
  • Identifying elements that stimulate creativity to deal with problems BEFORE they arise
  • Using insights of Day 3


  • Overcoming obstacles in the process of learning
  • Using our problem-solving techniques to reach deployable decisions
  • Managing Crises
  • Making meaning of the whole process and putting the pieces of the puzzle together
  • Taking a toolkit that one can use
  • Creating the vision of the future
  • Handling Change
  • Assimilation – taking what we need and leaving behind what we don’t need
  • Evaluating and giving feedback
  • Transfer of knowledge to the work environment
  • Closing circle
  • Evaluation


Cultural excursion in the local area

Competences Acquired by Participants

The main aims of the training are the following:

  • Provide experiential training on conflict management skills
  • Enhance the potential and understanding of conflicts, contempt and negativity in the workplace
  • Learn effective ways of engaging with others and dealing with unresolved issues
  • Become more self-reliant and self-confident in dealing with conflict and crises
  • Develop their self-reflection, communication and creativity skills and discuss how they can be utilized in an educational context
  • Help educators understand their own qualities, talents, differences and how they can utilize them in education
  • Introduce participants to working with self-reflective and arts-informed tools in order to increase their awareness and help them instigate desired change in an educational context
Type of Certification of Attendance Awarded
  • Certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input
  • Europass mobility certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s NA
Course Packages

Please note that ‘All in one – single room’ and ‘All in one – double room’ packages are being offered in all locations except London, Dublin, Barcelona, Athens, Porto, Lyon, Split and Pisa, where we have only the ‘Basic’ course package.

       1. ‘ALL IN ONE – Single room’ PACKAGE - 1240€

  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Welcome dinner
  • Accommodation in a Single room in a 3 or 4-star hotel (6 nights)
  • Full Board (5 days)
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural visit

      2. ‘ALL IN ONE – Double Room Sharing’ PACKAGE- 1040€

  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Welcome dinner
  • Accommodation - double room sharing in a 3 or 4-star hotel (6 nights)
  • Full Board (5 days)
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural visit

*Choose double room sharing if you are 2 colleagues from the same organisation willing to share a double room/ or if you have any accompanying person travelling to the venue of the course together with you (we can arrange the accommodation for accompanying persons as well).

       3. ‘BASIC’ course PACKAGE - 450€

  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Welcome dinner
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural visit

Note: separate invoices for the training fee only (400 EUR) can be issued upon request from the organisation.

DOREA as well offers group discounts in the case of 7 or more persons from the same organisation.




Pre-Registration Form

1Course Details
2Personal Information
3Funding Details
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

I think I am more possitive, at least I know that, I need to work on being more possitive and focus on what is important. There are no problems only the different ways of seeing things!

I feel more prepared to approach my students as well as my school’s principal.

The information provided and the trainer were great. Good course structure, motivated and cooperative group.

It is not possible to describe a course in one sentence, but I really needed the course to get more energy and fresh thoughts about different approaches to the problems.

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