Handling Stress and Avoiding Burnout

Description:  Stress is inevitable. It walks in and out of our lives on a regular basis. Burnout is a mixture of professional exhaustion, and disillusionment with other people, the organization, or the career, over the long term. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to minimize and cope with stress and learn how to avoid burnout.


Number of Participants

Per Country

  •   Lithuania 28% 28%
  • Greece 12% 12%
  • Netherlands 11% 11%
  • Cyprus 9% 9%
  • Other 40% 40%


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Dates and Locations

Limassol, Cyprus

  • 24.–28.08.2020   CONFIRMED SESSION

Barcelona, Spain

  • 30.03–03.04.2020
  • 23.–27.11.2020 
  • 05.–09.04.2021
  • 22.–26.11.2021

Prague, Czech Republic

  • 18.–22.01.2021

Palermo, Italy

  • 26.–30.07.2021 


Daily Programme


  • Introduction and course overview
  • Ice breaking
  • Individual expectations
  • What is stress?


  • Definitions
  • Understanding the stress response (fight/flight versus prolonged stress)
  • Physical, emotional, mental and behavioural symptoms of stress
  • Relation between our thinking and stress


  • Effective and ineffective ways of dealing with stress
  • Relaxation exercises that help to manage stress effectively– part 1
  • The impact of emotions on teaching and learning ability


  • Tools for dealing with disturbing emotions
  • Effects of stress in educational setting
  • Assessing your personal stress triggers
  • Changing not resourceful strategies
  • Self-talk awareness
  • Relaxation exercises – part 2
  • How can I be more mindful and resourceful in the classroom? – action plan
  • Summary, course evaluation and closure


Cultural excursion in local area

Competences Acquired by Participants

Specific objectives of the seminar are:

  • Introduce holistic model of stress and raise understanding of stress causes, mechanisms and effects
  • Raise understanding of how stress impacts teaching ability
  • Provide the participants with practical tools for dealing with stress
  • Reduce the consequences of stress (such as poor health, absenteeism, lack of creativity, ineffective communication, inability to focus, more conflicts, etc.) and develop healthy ways of dealing with everyday work demands
  • Prevent burnout syndrome in educators
  • Enhance emotional self-awareness
  • Introduce practical tools for coping with difficult emotions
  • Improve the participants’ emotional balance
  • Help the participants to identify their stress triggers and emotional triggers at work context and come up with new, more resourceful strategies
  • Enhance participants ability to relax
Type of Certification of Attendance Awarded
  • Certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input
  • Europass mobility certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s NA
Course Packages

Please note that ‘All in one – single room’ and ‘All in one – double room’ packages are being offered in all locations except London, Dublin, Barcelona, Athens, Porto, Lyon, Split and Pisa, where we have only the ‘Basic’ course package.

  1. ALL IN ONE – Single room’ PACKAGE – 1190€
  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Welcome dinner
  • Accommodation in a Single room in a 3 or 4 star hotel (6 nights)
  • Full Board (5 days)
  • Airport transfer
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural visit
  1. ‘ALL IN ONE – Double Room Sharing’ PACKAGE- 990€
  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Welcome dinner
  • Accommodation – double room sharing in a 3 or 4 star hotel (6 nights)
  • Full Board (5 days)
  • Airport transfer
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural visit

*Choose double room sharing if you are 2 colleagues from the same organisation willing to share a double room/ or if you have any accompanying person travelling to the venue of the course together with you (we can arrange the accommodation for accompanying persons as well).

  1. ‘BASIC’ course PACKAGE – 400€
  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Welcome dinner
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural visit

Note: separate invoices for the training fee only (350 EUR) can be issued upon the request from the organisation.

DOREA as well offers the group discounts in case of 6 or more persons from the same organisation.




Pre-Registration Form

1 Course Details
2 Personal Information
3 Funding Details
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY

It has been very positive experience and I will be using the knowledge gained in the workplace as well as my personal life.

I have learned a lot from the course trainer as well as I have benefited by exchanging views and opinions with my European colleagues.

Very positive experience! Useful material presented relevant to my wellbeing and prevention of stress and burnout – right to the point! Definitely worth attending!

The course has enabled me to realise the signs/symptoms of stress in myself and others around me and has also highlighted the risk of constant stress turning into burnout and its prevention.

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