From 24th till 28th of February, the project meeting and video workshop for teachers took place in Leuven, Belgium organized as a part of Erasmus+ KA2 “DOTS…Development of Transversal Skills in STEM” project and hosted by Atit Bvba organisation.

The project aims to improve the transversal skills of both STEM teachers and other teachers and coaches for innovative approaches to teaching.

The project seeks to encompass highly motivated teachers who will undergo a series of coaching training courses to enable them to disseminate the acquired knowledge further in their own environments. In addition, the project will also allow teachers to exchange good practice examples from different European countries and the wider international community. For more information about the project, please click here.

During 5 days of meetings and workshops participants have discussed the ongoing and upcoming project activities as well as had a chance to develop their skills in science video production. Together with highly skilled trainer participants learned how to shoot and edit the video in order to use it in their classrooms.

The upcoming project activity is teachers’ training in STEM and transversal skills that will take place from 5th till 10th of July 2020 in Athens, Greece.  To find out how you can participate, please contact us at or call us +357 25 25 66 06

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