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DOREA would like to invite organisations (especially from PORTUGAL and SLOVENIA) to join our already prepared project proposals for Erasmus+ KA1 Youth workers mobility projects for the upcoming application deadline 30th of April 2019.

To join the partnership, please send PIF to info@dorea.org. The selected partners will be informed by email.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@dorea.org or tel: +357 25256606.

Project proposals

Please see below more information about our project proposals which you can join as a partner organisation for the upcoming call.

1. Be the Change

A way to achieve successful inclusive European societies is the initiation of fruitful social businesses. Social businesses are companies that have the aim to make profit yet keeping in mind a larger goal that serves the target audience. The businesses eventually would be sustainable businesses run by the target audience. The businesses would have sustainable and lasting positive impact on immigrants and refugees on multiple factors.

The project has the aim to initiate social entrepreneurship for the creation of an inclusive society towards migrants and refugees

No. of participants : 3 per each partner

2. Speak up – we are listening

The aim of this project is to improve public speaking skills in the advocacy realm in order to create peace, acceptance and an overall inclusive society. During times of increasing globalization, the European Union is perceived as home to citizens with many differing backgrounds. Communication is key to understanding one’s position and standing points. Understanding others is the first step towards acceptance and a peaceful and inclusive society.

No. of participants : 3 per each partner




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