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Virtual RealityUsing Virtual Reality in Training

Virtual reality is appearing as a new training method. The use of virtual reality is appropriate and engaging. The use of VR transforms the trainee from spectator to stakeholder in the process. The new technology truly provides the ability to trainees to participate interactively. The interactive nature of virtual reality increases the trainees commitment and concentration. All in all, VR has a large amount of advantages and is here to conquer the sector of training.

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Citizenship  EducationRegistration open of the EPALE AUSTRIA and ERASMUS + conference Citizenship Education in Austria and Europe: objectives, methods and future prospects

This years conference is aimed at imparting knowledge about democracy, politics, political processes and social structures. These matters will be discussed with the underlying value of active and responsible citizenship that is of essential importance for societal cohesion in European democracies.

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Purpose Education a Trend or Recipe for Fulfillment?

Many students in high schools feel unmotivated and would rather not pay attention in class. However, for many students in Brooklyn that took part in a project that included purpose education this is no longer the case. Purpose education helps young people to find out which college they want to attend or what career path to pursue. They are taught that they have control over their choices and how they can apply certain tools to reach the goals they set for themselves.

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 Holistic educationNew Welsh Curriculum Example of Trend Making Education More Holistic

Together with New Zeeland and British Columbia, Wales is reforming the education system. The reform of the education sector has the aim to provide a suitable response to globalization and digital technologies. In 2020 a new curriculum will be published that is supposedly more holistic. The curriculum is supposed to teach pupils “real life” content so that students create a sense of critical thinking, creativity, and confidence.

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Special needs educationEngland Sees 17 Percent Drop in Funding for Pupils with Special Education

A report shows that government has cut funding for students with special education with 17 percent. Northern England has been hit the hardest with a decrease of 22 percent. The report furthermore outlined that government has failed to handle the rising demand of funding for young people with the most complex special educational needs and disabilities. This has resulted in a reduction in funds available per youngster.

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WorldBank and UNICEF WorldBank and UNICEF Announce new Commitment to Promote Education, Skills and Training for Young People in Developing Countries

The partnership between WorldBank and Generation Unlimited, which is a new initiative by UNICEF ensures a one billion dollar investment. The investment will connect secondary-age education and training to employment and entrepreneurship so that youngsters can become engaged citizens in their communities.

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Erasmus as EU ExchangeWatch: Stakeholders Debate Future of Erasmus as EU Exchange

The Director of Erasmus + in France, Irish MEP Liadh Ni Riada and a vocational student in hospitality discuss the future of the Erasmus program together after a new budget has been released. The new budget consists of 30 billion euros and should involve over 12 million people in the period from 2021 to 2027.

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Community Gardening Community Gardening Projects Boost Health and Wellbeing and Provides Opportunities for Adult Learning

Evidence suggests that gardening have a positive effect on mental wellbeing. It provides a connection between formal and informal learning. Aspects of the gardening projects are, for example, science, food safety and environmental education. Moreover, gardening bring people together. There are plenty of projects that bring vulnerable adults and asylum seekers together for instance. Finally, gardening has a positive impact on the environment.

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