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Share Your Views on EPALE

Check out the survey launched by European Commission about EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe). EPALE has been active for the last two years and now the survey will help to gather the views and opinions about its performance.

The larger study will take place after the survey results are collected and analysed. The study will be conducted in order to evaluate the platform’s accomplishments and examine ways towards the improvement of the user experience. Users and visitors of EPALE, as well as interested stakeholders, are kindly asked to partake in the questionnaire.

Deadline: 8 August 2017

Length of the survey: ~15 minutes

Meeting Up With Friends and Family

Today’s pace of urban life is often full of unnecessary frantic activity and families are finding less and less time to connect. This social nuance affects all life areas.

How often do you get together with friends and relatives?

This was the question asked to EU adults (16 y.o+) in a 2015 survey. The results turned out to be intriguing. The quantitative study revealed that “Cyprus (45%), Slovakia and Greece (both 36%) as well as Malta (35%) had the largest share of people saying that they were in daily contact with relatives.” Whereas the Baltic States showed the least numbers: “At 25%, Latvia recorded the highest share of people who either never got together with relatives in the last 12 months, or only did so less than once a month. Latvia was followed by Estonia (23%) and Lithuania (22%).”

The correlation and causation between the received number and the country is not known, but the survey is a great tool to see the patterns and complete a bigger study to explore them. Discover more about this social survey by clicking on this link.

Surprising Career Path Tip: “Don’t Follow Your Passion”

Are you at the crossroads? Are you restless about making the final decision about your ultimate vocation? Don’t know where to direct your energy next?

Check out the article by Jenny Foss that was published on The Muse to discover tips on overcoming turmoil regarding your career path. Addressing people in their 20’s and 30’s, Foss suggests the following: “Don’t follow your passion!” That’s right.

Read the full article “5 Things You Actually Don’t Have to Have Figured Out by 30” on The Muse here.

Preventing LGBT Bullying

The document is a collection of resources by GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network) and education partners to help schools prevent homophobic bullying and supporting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

Year published: 2016

Available languages: English

Published by: GLEN

Available online: Being LGBT In School


Open Education in South Mediterranean Region

This collection of case studies called “A Compendium of Case Studies and Interviews with Experts about Open Education Practices and Resources” is an important reading for anyone who is interested in the international development of open education. The document is particularly focusing on the South Mediterranean region.

This is the “first major output from the OpenMed Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education project” that concentrates on cultivating open education in the South Mediterranean area. The project analyses the level of open education in Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, and Jordan.

The compendium consists of 11 case studies reviewed by OpenMed partners and international experts in the field. Unique practices in open education and much more can be accessed here.


EU Survey: “Cyberbullying Among Young People”

Milieu Ltd, law and policy consulting company based in Brussels, Belgium, was commissioned to deliver the study on cyber bullying among young people.

The task was given by the European Parliament with the goal to provide information about the nature of the cyberbullying phenomenon among youth in the EU and the Member States. The aim is to improve legislation and policies in order to prevent the issue and raise awareness regarding cyber bullying. The study will consist of a collection youth (12-21 y.o.) opinions and experience with cyber bullying, good practices to tackle the issue and recommendations identified through research at a national level.

If you are a citizen of the European Union or the Member States and you are between 12-21 years old, please fill out the following survey (available in 10 languages here ) to help the research.

Youth4Regions Media Programme

The European Commission is conducting a competition amongst media students in Europe for the first time!

This is a brilliant opportunity for future journalists who want to get experience and work together with the Brussels accredited media corps covering the European Week. The winner of the prize will be able to come to Brussels to partake in media pool communication on one of the largest yearly events: the European Week of Regions and Cities.

The event will take place on 9-12 October 2017. The accommodation and hotel will be covered by the organizers.

The journalism students from all Member States are welcome to communicate on real life projects! If you’re interested, you can register by clicking on this link.

Deadline: 10 September 2017



Prepared by Veronika Zhigailova


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