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early childhood education

Source: Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

Changing the method of early childhood education

Overburdened, inadequately equipped, and lacking expertise. Educators in early childhood education and care (ECEC) throughout Europe and Central Asia have expressed their concerns. The combination of overcrowded classrooms and insufficient confidence, resources, and understanding of how to support children with disabilities or complex needs creates significant obstacles in providing equitable access to early learning opportunities for all children.

Crowded classrooms impose significant stress on both young learners and teachers, hindering the implementation of personalized teaching approaches. Additionally, the demanding work hours coupled with limited planning time add further pressure on educators, restricting their capacity to effectively address the diverse needs of their students. Moreover, the absence of continuous professional development opportunities inhibits teachers from acquiring essential skills, knowledge, innovative teaching methods, and the chance to engage in meaningful peer-to-peer exchanges. All of these factors contribute to the challenges in fostering inclusive educational practices.

To achieve genuine inclusion in preschool and kindergarten settings, it is crucial to establish a robust support system for educators. Learn more about early childhood education here.

2.15th ITS European Congress

Source: https://itsworldcongress.com/

15th ITS European Congress, Lisbon

#ITSLisbon2023 kicks off! Make sure to visit the event to immerse yourself in exciting side events and actively participate in engaging conversations about innovative mobility solutions shaping the future of ITS Lisbon.

The ITS Congress offers a unique opportunity to connect and build relationships within the European ITS community. Exhibitors and commercial partners play a vital role in the success of the Congress, attracting renowned companies, innovative leaders, and influential figures in the mobility sector. By participating as an exhibitor, you position yourself at the forefront of the evolving mobility market, positioning your brand for future growth and success.

Find out more about the ITS European Congress here.

 Xampla, a forward-thinking British company

Source: foodnavigator.com

‘Plastic is yesterday’s material’

Sustainable packaging pioneer Xampla demonstrates its ability to enable global food and beverage brands to achieve groundbreaking advancements in product development. Discover Xampla, a forward-thinking British company that is revolutionizing solutions to address two significant industry challenges: plastic pollution and the preservation of essential vitamins and nutrients. Food-Navigator Europe recently had the opportunity to interview Stanley Mitchell, Head of Business Development at Xampla, to delve deeper into the company’s groundbreaking initiatives aimed at providing sustainable nutrition options for today’s environmentally-conscious consumers.

Discover more here.

The Arabic language is vital to the educational systems of the future 

The Arabic language importance to education

Source: newarab.com

Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. But why is this not taken into account in school education and integrated into the curriculum?

Various studies show that learning foreign languages, especially the less frequently taught languages that are urgently needed in the market, is associated with higher wages and wage growth. Across the EU, Arabic is consistently ranked as one of the most widely spoken languages, and governments are increasingly positioning Arabic as a language of global and economic importance.

We need a system that promotes cultural awareness and mutual understanding. Students who start learning Arabic at a young age gain a higher level of communication skills. The following factors play an important role in a successful early education language programme: policymakers, administrators, certified language teachers, appropriate assessments of language progress, motivated parents as well as curious students. Thus, cultural awareness, mutual understanding and social cohesion can be promoted.

Read more about the Arabic language importance in education here.

Students' mental health

Source: schoolsweek.co.uk

The value of mental health support for pupils during exam season

It is not uncommon for students to go through a wide range of emotions during their school day. Homework, upcoming exams, and oral subject repetitions are not infrequently a challenge for students, who have to deal with the difficulties of growing up on the side. Especially during exam time, when the focus is on future plans and there is enormous pressure to succeed, life can be very daunting for many young people.

These circumstances should not be ignored at all, especially during hectic exam times when students should be particularly supported in their mental health. For some students, this anxiety and stress is lighter, but in some cases, great academic pressure can develop into serious illness.

The focus should be on giving children and young people the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts that affect their lives. Student well-being is different for everyone, and it can be difficult to track the well-being of individual students without an established system.

Learn more here.

Mediterranean conference on sustainable urban development

Source: European Committee of the Regions

ARLEM at the Union for the Mediterranean’s third Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Urban Development

 On 4 May 2023, ARLEM, through its rapporteur Abdelaziz Derouiche, President of the Moroccan Association of Presidents of Prefectural Councils, addressed ministers at the third Union for the Mediterranean conference on sustainable urban development. The meeting was held in Zagreb under the co-presidency of the European Union and Jordan and the UfM Secretary General.

During this meeting, ministers committed to building resilient cities in the Mediterranean region and promoting sustainable, resilient, and safe urban development.

ARLEM has been working on sustainable urban developments for some time and is preparing a new report to be adopted at the 14th ARLEM Plenary Session

Find out more about the conference here.



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