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Erasmus+Learn More about Erasmus+

If you have been searching for a good all-around website about Erasmus+, then the following source will be a great discovery. It provides a list of various mobility opportunities, application guide and the key document about the Erasmus+ programme. Talking of it, you can find even more.

Interested? Click here to open the website.

teachersSelf-development for Teachers

School Education Gateway suggests that teachers’ self-development is an efficient practice. More precisely, the peer review and webinar methods. One of the peer review cases resulted high quality teaching materials and lesson plans. Additionally, this method prevents ‘pedagogical isolation’. Webinars on different topics are proved to be useful as well.

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Science careerScience Career Plans for Adolescents

The ‘EU Publications’ released a detailed report about trends and patters of the adolescents in the field of science career. One fact can be mentioned: male students, in comparison with females, are three times more likely to occupy a STEM position. Is it impressive? Read the report to find more remarkable facts.

The report is stored here.



Fair and democratic EuropeInternational Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS)

A decrease of electoral participation in several Member States as well as a rise of populism and scepticism towards democratic values are currently noticeable. Therefore, there was a need to carry out the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) in order to clearly evaluate adolescents’ civic attitudes and behaviours and to get a more evident ground for preferable changes. It is important to mention that educators and schools are expected to contribute by enforcing democratic values of the students. The ICCS is a good tool for pursuing this aim.

Click here to find the document.

easy to read languageEasy to Read Language

We are surrounded by an enormous flow of written information. A part of it is not easily readable because of small text size, difficult language and etc. This is the reason why an expansion of ‘easy to read’ language should be considered. In addition, it is even more relevant for adults with intellectual disabilities. What is being done in order to solve this issue? What are the requirements for making a text accessible and understandable for such people?

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 Online PlatformVirtual School for Adults 

The Bulgarian startup ‘Edtech’ offers a modern way for adult education.  It is a virtual and interactive school where teachers can teach others. The platform has many features, including test, grading, homework systems and more. It is active in the USA, Germany and Russia as well. Edtech is looking forward to have more partners and to develop the software.

More information can be found here.



trainingMultinational Training in International Learning

School heads, teachers, artists and cultural practitioners from different European countries are welcome to register to a project by the name of ‘Europe in Perspective: International Co-operation in Cultural Learning’. Participants will be able to engage into high-quality physical, social, emotional and intellectual activities. The registration deadline is 03.09.2018.

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language diversityDealing with language diversity in the classroom

It is often a challenge for teachers to work with students that have different language competences. Migration to Europe and free movements across European borders has made the language situation even more diverse. Thus, teachers now can engage into MOOC learning, which could enhance their awareness about their students and offer various resources and tools.

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Prepared by Rimvydas Burba


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