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disable citizens in EHEMWhat we have done so far for our disable citizens in EHEM

The Edremit Public Education Center visited the Special Education Practice Center for disabled students. Members of Edremit Public Education Center have contributed to developing hand skills by opening ceramic courses from the beginning to the end of the year. They as well organized several activities and competitions in music and sports. As example, sign language courses were given for the opportunity to help people with disability in hearing and speaking.

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Turkish Public Education CenterThe Feast of Turkish at Atakum Public Education Center Atakum, Samsun

Hundreds of trainees have attended Turkish courses for foreigners, who have been opened by Atakum Public Education Center. The courses were opened within the scope of Erasmus+ Connect with Art to the life project. At the end of the courses they organized a celebration where trainees showed their skills with great enthusiasm. 959 foreign nationals from 42 different nationalities from Somali to Yemen to Russia from Nepal participated in our courses. The students sang songs, read poems and danced which reflect the Turkish culture.

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Validation in Europe BiennaleValidation in Europe presented at Biennale

On 7 and 8 May in Berlin, 300 participants gathered from 40 countries to discuss how to make policies on validation work. Cedefop contributed to the organization and in a keynote speech presented preliminary results of the 2018 update of the European inventory on validation of non-formal and informal learning. The inventory showed that countries are progressing in developing strategies for establishing validation arrangements that work. However, full efforts are needed, in making validation more comprehensive and developing practitioners’ skills and competences.  The biennale, which was hosted by the Bertelsmann Foundation, adopted the Berlin Declaration on validation of prior learning by 92%.

Read the full article here.

WeB4YES projectOpen call for the Award of the Small Grants under WeB4YES project

The Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment Support project has been supported by the European Commission under the framework of Civil Society Facility and Media Program. The project is designed to deliver innovative approaches and provide young citizens of the Western Balkan region opportunities for employability enhancement and employment. This is to improve the civil society organizations in Western Balkans in undertaking initiatives for improving youth employment and entrepreneurship policies at the local level. To promote the call project, partners will organize info session across the region.

Find out more about open call here.

EU election’s cross-border candidatesEU election’s cross-border candidates

Former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, is a candidate for the European elections in Germany. Sandro Gozi, former Italian secretary for EU affairs said:” We cannot have a European democracy if we don’t have European transnational political forces. We are 6 European citizen candidates with a different nationality from the French one, it really embodies the idea of politics without border”. Only 4 MEPs have been elected outside their home country. And in the 2019 EU elections although there will be at least 20 cross border candidates, there will not be transnational lists. The transnational lists was launched to vacant seats leftover from Brexit, but the idea was rejected.

Read the full article here.

Disabled weekKids tell Adults about the week of the Disabled

Between May 10th and May 16th disabled week is a special week celebrated in the United Nations member countries. Relevant programs are broadcasted on the radio and television. Toprakkale Public Education Center believes that creating awareness on disabilities is important. Kindergarten students prepared presentations about disabilities and their thoughts towards it. We should try hard to make a link between disabled people and citizens to make their lives easier and create opportunities for them.

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motivation of disadvantaged learnersEnhancing learning motivation of disadvantaged learners: New Erasmus+ project

Learning is a social, emotional and cognitive process, which are a crucial part to increase motivation for education. The Social and emotional process are often forgotten, if they are examined more closely, opportunities arise for teachers to break through negative attitudes and build bridges between different learning cultures. Training courses are being offered by ELMO to enable multipliers to face challenges in their educational work with socially disadvantaged and low-skilled learners. By working together on a European level, we can look beyond the traditional understanding of learning and teaching in each country.

Learn more about the project here.

eaeaPromote a Learning Europe with EAEA!

The European Association for the Education of Adults is a non-formal adult’s education organization in Europe. EAEA gathers 137 member organizations in 44 countries and represent more than 60 million learners across Europe. With the European elections right around the corner. EAEA is inviting MEP candidates, EAEA members, adult learners and educators to post their views on how to strengthen adults learning and education at the European level. To take part, use hashtags #ALEsupporter #EUelections2019 and #adulteducation on Twitter and on Facebook. You can also tag MEP candidates in your posts. Vote for a candidate who is committed to promote a Learning Europe!

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Prepared by Rachel van Wetten


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