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Hacking hate, how to empower young people to understand and disrupt online hate.

Online hate is a growing problem, and everyone must be aware of the negative effects online hate can have. This course will help you better understand online hate and make your students more resilient. Social and Emotional Learning is used and demonstrated as a way of empowering young people to disrupt online hate. The course is for teachers on all levels, school leaders, social and youth workers and parents and anyone interested in the topic.

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The Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Finland’s third EU Presidency period begins on 1 July 2019. The presidency of the Council rotates in an established order among the EU Member States every six months. The presidency is responsible for EU legislation and policy initiatives and for ensuring the EU agenda. Finland’s priority is to strengthen common values and the rule of law, to make the EU more competitive and socially inclusive, to strengthen the EU’s position as a global leader in climate action and to protect the security of citizens.

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How to measure the effects of language volunteers effectively

Every week, language volunteers and refugees talk Dutch with each other. They practice everyday conversations and get to know each other’s world. The main aim: use language as a tool to increase the participation of migrants. This practical language support provides more language knowledge, self-confidence and broadens the network of migrants. Other speakers, volunteers, municipalities and the whole society reap the benefits.

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DigiEduHack: let’s act together for the future of education in the digital age!

As part of the Digital Education Action Plan of the European Commission, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology is organizing a 24-hour Digital Education Hackathon on 3 October 2019. The contest brings together teams from Europe and beyond to solve educational challenges in the digital age. DigiEduHack is open to anyone interested and its outcomes will be showcased at the Aalto University in Finland. The three best teams will each win a 5000- euro award.

Click here to participate.

In memoriam János Szigeti Tóth

Dr. János Szigeti Tóth, the president of the Hungarian Folk High School Society and former president of the European Association for the Education of Adults, passed away on 25 June 2019. He was a sociologist and a doctor of philosophy in adult education, as well as the head of the department at Pázmány Péter University. He was the first ever Hungarian to be awarded at the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame in the US. The most important place in his life was Mindszentkálla, to which he was attached by very deep roots and where he passed away.

EAEA General Assembly and the Annual Conference 2019: Life skills bring a holistic approach to adult education

By being more adaptable and creative in learning provisions, participation could increase in adult participation. Fun might be the key, as well as a holistic approach to learning, was said at the Annual Conference. The EAEA General Assembly and Annual Conference 2019 were held at Vartov, a former workplace of Nikolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig and the epicenter of adult education in Denmark. A new President and Executive Board was elected. Uwe Gartenschlaeger from DVV was appointed the new President of EAEA.

Find full article here.

Cedefop presents work on learning outcomes in South Africa

The PLF provided an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned from the implementation and use of learning outcomes in modernizing education training systems. Cedefop contributed to the policy learning forum (PLF), and forming part of the ongoing South Africa-EU dialogue. The forum brought together 100 experts and stakeholders from Africa and Europe and also marked the 21st anniversary of the South African national qualifications framework.

Learn more here.

Epale Turkey 2019 national conference – National Ambassadors

EPALE Turkey 2019 National Conference, was held in Ankara on 27 – 28th June 2019, within the framework of the Epale Project carried out by the Ministry of National Education’s lifelong learning directorate. Subjects such as Management of Adult Education and Leadership, Learning Process and Dynamics in Adults, Lifelong Learning Skills, Improving Adult Learning were addressed in the conference. Several academics of Adult Education shared experience about the field.

Find out more about the conference here.


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