Project kick off meeting 

From 21st till 22nd of November 2019, DOREA participated in a new Erasmus+ KA2 project kick-off meeting. This meeting, that took place in Berlin, marked the start of the project called “ETHNICRAFT”.

During the duration of 2 years, DOREA will collaborate with five different partners for the good success of this new project.  The coordinator of the project is AFRIDAT UG an organization based in Bonn (Germany), and they will be one of the two German partners together with the NGO NEST BERLIN EV. In the project, there will also be an Italian partner MINE VAGANTI NGO, an Estonian partner SIHTASUTUS NOORED TEADUSES JA ETTEVOTLUSES and a Swedish one MOBILIZING EXPERTISE AB.

Project idea

ETHNICRAFT’s aim is to help migrants (between 18 and 35 years old) with at least basic craftmanship skills to make these skills a source of income in their new country. It can be very difficult for them to get acquainted with the system of a different country. In addition, it is not easy to employ these skills efficiently when, for example, you lack entrepreneurial expertise and knowledge. The first part of the project, implemented by DOREA and MINE VAGANTI, will help them with this upskilling. It will be, in fact, the creation of a training course where migrants will acquire the necessary entrepreneurial skills and information to set up a business efficiently. The training will include many activities from how to pitch your products to the business model canvas.

At the same time, AFRIDAT and our Estonian partner will use their expertise in IT and web development to implement an e-commerce website where migrants will be able to sell their products and services. Once implemented the website will be available for all the migrants interested. They will have the possibility to upload images and descriptions of products and services in order to sell them in their countries.

Project outcomes

The main  the goal of all activities implemented in this project is to encourage and help migrants to start  generating an income (become self-sufficient) and to further develop their own independent business. The website should be available from around the middle of 2020.

Find out more about the project here.

Written by Vanessa Crivellaro

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