‘’Social City’’ training course


On 10th of December, the DOREA Educational Institute team boarded the plane to Budapest, Hungary to reach the final destination Kosice, Slovakia, where the Erasmus youth workers mobility training course  ‘’Social City took place’’ took place.

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 Training course

From the first day of the project, our trainers did a great job in connecting our group together with well-organized icebreaking workshops combined with the experience they have in this field because never have I ever remembered 20 names in one day. And while our group was still shocked by such fast connection they just stroke again with new workshops, which increased our interest in the topic enormously, at least that is how I felt. And from that day on I knew, “Social city” will become something more, than just a project.Participants during the training

Day by day we were getting closer and our workshop more interesting. Marginalization, stereotypes, discrimination, and the most important ways to solve these problems were discussed in the common room. But personally, I want to emphasize the day we spent at Mladeze Spanish high school in Kosice. This day showed me what it means to be a trainer and also made me see how I can change something in this world by starting from my local community.



Without hesitation, I can call this training course one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. And I want to say thank you to organizers who made this happen.  I think it took a lot of effort for them to organise it, but it definitely was worth it.

Participants outside

Prepared by Nazar Meliuh


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