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Teaching Sustainable Development Goals: Free Online Course

The organisation World’s Largest Lesson is focused on pursuing 17 Global Goals and engaging youth and children in uniting, participating, and fueling the progress towards these goals. The project facilitates social change and “Quality Education” got in the top-5 on the list of 17 goals. To take part in the project and get equipped with information, you can take a free course  and teach people about SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). For more information, please click here.


“EU Skills Profile Tool for Third-Country Nationals”

Skills Profile Tool was released to ensure the recognition of skills and education of non-EU nationals by organisations that work with migrants. It is a web editor that works in off/online modes and allows non-EU individuals present their qualifications, skills, and experiences in a way to be understood by their job and education providers or institutions working with migrants across EU. The integration of non-EU nationals into the labour market is crucial and must be constantly re-thought and innovated to fit the ever-changing political situation.

Follow the link here to discover more about the new profile tool.


Erasing the Boundaries: #RethinkingRefugee

Richard Thickpenny put together a presentation that analyses how a curriculum for teaching refugees should  be focused on “developing labour market competencies” as this will inevitably result in increased use of education, results of higher quality and “increased learner impact.”

You can access the presentation by clicking here.


Is Youth Ready for Lifelong Learning?

“Millennials globally reported greater work satisfaction that supported positive values, such as open and free-flowing communication; mutual support and tolerance; and a strong commitment to equality and inclusiveness.”

This reassuring statement helps to re-think interesting statistics: only 16 % of Americans think that fours years of university education prepares people for the high-paid job in the future. The report can be accessed here.

The article suggests that Millennial Bloggers are based all over the world and “they are innovators in entrepreneurship, journalism, education, entertainment, and academic scholarship.”


#CedefopPhotoAward 2017 competition – Win a trip to Thessaloniki or Brussels!

Join a photo competition where vocational education and training (VET) learners in the EU can share their experience related to VET for a chance to win a trip to Belgium (Brussels) or Greece (Thessaloniki).

For more details, please click here.



Prepared by Veronika Zhigailova


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