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VET Innovation CouncilHungary: VET Innovation Council – A new driver of change in vocational training

The scenery of the national vocational education and training system is changing. The ministry for Innovation and Technology supports active involvement of all interest parties for a newly VET Innovation Council. An essential part in the VET and the adult education system is to define the future development. The VET Innovation Council is a debating and advisory body. Its main goal is to support demand-driven transformation of the VET system. It will formulate proposals for policy decision-making and support implementation of initiatives in VET and adult learning. According to the Minister: ‘ If we use the potential of new technologies wisely, we will be able to meet the demands of the 21st century labour market’.

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Erasmus+ for studentsErasmus+: a turning point in the lives of 5 million European students

Two new studies have highlighted how Erasmus+ remains to increase students’ quality of life and career prospects, both during their course abroad, and long after it finishes. Erasmus+ considerably benefits student’s personal development. It can be used as a guide for students to determine what they want to do after their studies. Erasmus+ drives innovation and social inclusion in higher education. Over 5 million students have directly benefited since the takeoff of the program in 1987. The Higher Education Impact study found that 80 percent of Erasmus+ graduates are employed within three months. Nearly half of Erasmus+ trainees were offered a job in the company where they trained.

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strike over climate change Over 1.4 million schoolchildren expected to strike over climate change worldwide

More than 1.4 million school pupils around the world are expected to walk out of lessons in what is believed to be the biggest protest calling for action on climate change to date. The climate school strikes were planned in 1623 places in 119 different countries around the world. Protesting students had sheets saying:” We are not going to school today, we are striking for climate”. Their message to the lawmakers has been that current climate change policies in the country are “irresponsible”.

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eTwinning School LabeleTwinning Thematic Conference: eTwinning School Label

The conference of the eTwinning School thematic provided the opportunity to launch the eTwinning Schools Mission Statement. The conference offered the chance to network with like-minded teachers from other countries. Maureen O’Sullivan said:’ Young people from rural areas have the chance with eTwinning to mingle with young people in other countries. eTwinning raises the awareness of young people about gender equality and eSafety’. The participants had the occasion to follow several workshops with topic such as ‘shared leadership’, ‘public speaking’, ‘collaboration’, ‘intercultural competences and inclusiveness’, ‘eSaftey’ and many more. The last day of the conference, participants joined in an innovative plenary discussion.

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 Education and Training Strategy 2020-2024Further Education and Training Strategy 2020-2024 Public Consultation

SOLA funds, coordinates and monitors Further Education and Training (FET) on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills. The Further Education and Training Act 2013 requires SOLAS to prepare and submit a strategy in respect of further education and training every five years to the Minister of Education and Skills. The new Strategy will be concluded at the end of 2019, preparation and development of a new Further Education and Training Strategy for 2020-2024 is now beginning. Submission are now invited to assist SOLAS and the Department of Education and Skills in defining the strategic direction of FET in Ireland. The deadline for this submission will be closed on 29th May 2019.

Find out more about public consultation here.

Life skills approachLife skills approach in the Danish context: building a community spirit and creating flexible learning pathways

A protected environment with adaptable learning pathways, with no curricula or exams, and an equal focus on individual needs of learners as well as the integrity of the group. The Danish Adult Education Association shared inspiring stories and reflections on the key concepts that underpin life skills.  Kursustrappen offers a set of courses, each lasting 13 weeks, with a holistic approach to learning. Alongside fitness, yoga, mindfulness, art workshops, discussion groups and other courses. The key principle is flexibility and freedom of choice.

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EU Prize for high quality teachingNew EU Prize for high quality teaching about the European Union

The European Union is creating a prize to reward teachers and schools. Secondary schools in the European Union are available candidates. The prize will reward outstanding secondary school teachers and schools that help their pupils learn about the EU. The prize will give EU-wide recognition to relevant work and will highlight the importance of teaching and learning about the EU at a young age. The 2019 Call for Applications is predicted to be published in September 2019.

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Developing upupskilling pathways for adultsskilling pathways for adults

On 20 and 21 May in Brussel is the second joint Cedefop/European Economic and Social Committee policy learning forum on upskilling and developing pathways for adults. Participants explored common challenges in upskilling low-skilled adults and worked with Cedefop experts on updating the analytical framework to support countries in developing upskilling pathways. Tatjana Babrauskiene, Cedefop Management Board Chair was positively impressed by participants stressing the importance of social partners as well as other actors. She thanked the EESC for co-organizing the event and the European Commission for its support.

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online hateHack online hate with SELMA Toolkit

Online hate speech is a growing problem which young people experience frequently. Education is part of the solution. The Selma project has launched a toolkit that offers comprehensive and hand-on solutions. The toolkit is a collaborative set of tools and materials to help young people understand what hate speech is, how it effects people and how you can make a difference. The SELMA toolkit offers 100 free and easy accessible resources, flexible and hands on activities with clear guidance.

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