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 EducationTowards a European Education Area

The European Commission has a great aspiration to make young people more competent and European. Some of the more specific goals that would meet this aspiration are: a) studying abroad (e.g. projects or mobilities) should be the standard; b) school and higher education diplomas should be recognized across the EU; c) stronger sense of European identity.

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ArtGroupACEnet Meets in Zagreb

A group of academics, civil servants and European authorities belong to a network named “ACEnet’, which concentrates on the issues of cultural education and arts. Their last meeting took place in Croatia’s capital. A number of meaningful moments were indicated in the development of these fields, both for Croatia and Europe.

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Int. pictureCollection of International Picture Books

Are you looking for a way to interest primary school students or your own children? Then show them the IDPBC catalogue with a list of 24 picture books that are from all over the world and promote processes of identity formation. Also, it is a good tool for inclusive education.

You can find the catalogue here.

AfricaConference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Africa

The European Commission continues to pursue the Joint Africa -EU Strategy, as the 10th conference on higher education will be held in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Additionally, there will be workshops and presentations on the Erasmus+ studies and programme. Young people and their parents are expected to participate. Note that entry is free of charge! Event date: 17-19 September 2018

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Summer readingEurydice Publishes Summer Reading List

One of the main advantages of summer is that people usually have more free time. A lot of them love to read and certainly try to find new reading materials (that are not only fiction books). Therefore, it is worth to pay attention to Eurydice’s publications. Its reports and articles are informative and can help to discover new things about education.

Reading materials are published here.

Math and artMath-Art Activities

There is an alluring way to make math more enjoyable by incorporating art characteristics into mathematical exercises! Math-Art toolkit presents materials and methodological descriptions for the realization of around 40 interactive workshops in a classroom.  This handbook can be used by both math and art teachers. Give it a try!

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BusinessErasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

It is usually very difficult to start a new business for a young person. However, Erasmus has an offer how to lighten a complicated beginning or at least to gain knowledge. By using this initiative, it is possible to get in touch with well-established entrepreneurs who would share their experiences.

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TraineeshipA Traineeship in the European Commission

Are you a motivated young person who is interested in the European processes and wants to get a high-quality experience in the field of EU policy making? You can apply for a five month paid traineeship in either administrative or translation position. Deadline: 31st August 2018.

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DataEuropean Union’s GDPR

There are still some questions and uncertainties about General Data Protection Regulation. What is the difference between sensitive and personal data? What actions should be practiced? Read the tutorial to put yourself and your students/friends in a better position.

The text can be found here.





Prepared by Rimvydas Burba


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