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Dare to Learn – a next-generation lifelong learning event

EPALE Thematic Coordinator Markus Palmen attended the Dare to Learn event – an international conference with a fresh new take on lifelong learning.

The Dare to Learn lifelong learning event took place from 5 to 6 September 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. State-of-the-art event technology set the stage for a professionally executed marketing campaign and social media presence, an international crowd of attendees and renowned keynote speakers ranging from UNESCO Education Director Svein Osttveit to education entrepreneur Andrew Sutherland. Taking over the rugged ex-industrial premises of the Cable Factory venue in central Helsinki, the event resembled more a Silicon Valley start-up forum than a learning conference.

And that seems to have been exactly the point. The organisers promised a new, youthful type of learning event. How exactly? You can found more by clicking the link here.


Join the EAEA Year of Adult Education 2017

In 2017 EAEA is celebrating the impact and benefits of adult education with the theme “The Power and Joy of Learning”. We bring together European adult education organisations to demonstrate how adult learning can improve citizens’ lives and prospects in Europe. The campaign has already collected over 80 events, take a look and join the campaign!



EAEA: “Adult learners a crucial target group to achieve social inclusion in and through education”

In its response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the “Recommendation on promoting social inclusion and shared values through formal and non-formal learning”, EAEA highlights the necessity to include adult learners as part of the policy of promoting social inclusion in Europe. Read the full statement!



Engaging new learners: From household to SME, a training process to empower women

Made by and for women, the MUPYME project was created to develop a training program to support housewives’ ability to transfer their skills and knowledge to business management. Read the latest article on EAEA’s this year’s theme, “engaging new learners”.




Guidance cooperation in Europe faces new challenges

The development of career guidance and counseling has been looked upon favourably in Europe throughout the 2000s. The role that lifelong guidance plays in promoting the education of citizens and their employment is widely acknowledged in the EU and its Member States. In recent years, multidisciplinary and multi-professional dialogue and co-operation have become more common in the context of guidance in EU member countries. A networked and inter-administrative approach to developing and providing services is now customary. In the 2010s, guidance services have typically been offered to customers through various channels.

You can learn more about the channels by clicking a link here.



Prepared by Emilija Ardzevičiūtė


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