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LGBTBirmingham Primary School cancels LGBT Lessons

The last weeks we have reported about the adaptations in sex education in Great Britain. The adaptations resulted in backlash among parents of the children. A Birmingham primary school has canceled LGBT lessons until a solution has been found with protesting parents, therefore, going directly against the newly introduced classes.

Read the story here.

PortalEuropean Council Releases Education Portal for Online Learning

The portal has over 300 sources, one master class and 10 self-learning courses. The portal has been launched to build a democratic culture in schools and communities throughout Europe. The material of the portal is free of charge.

Access the portal here.

Germany’s Digital Education Initiative Germany’s Digital Education Initiative Requires Amendment to Constitution

The shift in education towards more use of technology has financial consequences to schools in Germany. There are reports of schools not having a WIFI signal that is strong enough to reach the entire school. Therefore, the technological developments require extra funding. This funding is provided by the states. However, when there is a lack of resources, the constitution directs that Berlin cannot support the schools financially at a federal level. The interference by the federal government would require constitutional changes that are highly disputed in the country.

For the full report, please visit website here.


Adult educationAdult Education in England

Sir Alan Tuckett advocated for adult education in England in a published essay. The author mentions that England performs poorly when it comes to promoting adult education compared to its neighbors. Moreover, Tuckett underlines the importance of adult education.

Read the full essay here.


Climate StrikeLuxembourg Government Provide Free Transport to Students Participating in Climate Strike

The government has provided free public transport for students participating in the strike for the climate in Luxembourg. Buses from all over the country will be available to transport the students to the capital. The minister of energy has encouraged parents to support their children taking part in the march.

See more information here.

Free Italian and English Classes INYERSOS Offers Free Italian and English Classes for Migrant Empowerment in Rome

The humanitarian organization together with its partners organize free courses for migrants to increase their Italian and English language skills. The project is supported by the European Social Fund. The courses offered prepare the participants for the test they are required to take before being allowed a long stay in the country.

Read more here.

Online Courses Online Courses may Widen Inequalities, Study Finds

A study has found that online courses might achieve the opposite of what they are designed to achieve. According to the study, the withdrawal rate of students is higher and the courses are more expansive to develop and maintain. The report suggests educators in this sector to become more strategic in the course offering together with offering face to face sessions.

Read the full story here.

Education and Labor Market Education and Labour Market Pillars in Improved Inclusion Roma in Western Balkans, World Bank Says

In the report, Breaking the Cycle of Roma Exclusion in the Western Balkans, the World Bank underlines that a significant gap is apparent between Roma and non-Roma in the education and labor fields even though the communities live very close to each other. The report underlines that Roma are a group with many young people and increased attention should be given to education towards better inclusion of society in the Western Balkans.

Read the full report here.


Prepared by Jip Lenssen


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