Valentina just graduated in International Relations and EU Institutions at University of Milan and is active in the non-profit field in Italy (Oxfam Italia, Cesvi NGO) and in the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe since 2014.

In 2015, after taking part in an EVS project in Gaziantep, Turkey, she decided to become a Trainer and started getting more and more involved in Erasmus+ KA1 projects.

She is interested in Human Rights Education, Intercultural learning, Gender-based Issues and Social Inclusion.

She strongly believes that positive change is a bottom-up process and that working hard in improving the world we live in should be everyone’s mission.

Valentina is now living in Barcelona: she loves discovering new places, travelling slow and connecting with locals. She enjoys reading, taking photographs and writing, she is a Guest Blogger for Peace Child International.

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