Sonja is a psychologist, coach, facilitator and a trainer. She holds a BA in Psychology and has extensive professional experience working with people with fewer opportunities in both educational and social care institutions. Since 2009 she is actively involved in the field of youth/community work, adult education and international trainings on many levels- as a mentor, facilitator, coordinator and trainer.

In 2013 she founded NGO “Synergy Source Serbia” to support personal development of people in her hometown Subotica, Serbia, who are experiencing fewer opportunities due to long term unemployment.

For the last 19 months Sonja was working full-time with homeless people in Ireland supporting them to get back to education and employment as a path out of homelessness. As direct result of her work and devotion 8 service users found work and moved out of homeless services, dozens improved their chances on the job market through successfully completing trainings, classes and gaining life skills and valuable work experience. Through this work Sonja gained the ability to design and offer tailored content and activities that can support the learning process of the most demanding learners. She learned how to meet people on the level they are at and accommodate their specific needs and growth.

As a trainer Sonja combines her formal knowledge of Psychology and enriches it with a variety of approaches that go from Transnational Analysis, Psycho-drama, Systemic Work and Family Constellations all the way to NLP, REBT and Synergy Method. She also has a Certificate in Massage Therapy and strongly acknowledges the impact physiology has on learning. In her training design Sonja enhances her academic style of teaching with experiential and embodied leaning processes. Her expertise is Emotional Intelligence, Well-being and Burn Out Prevention, Team Building, Personal Effectiveness and Leadership.

As a person Sonja is kind and authentic. She enjoy spending time in yoga, meditation, reading self-development books, learning from inspiring people , watching TED talks, organising workshops or attending them or just sharing some pleasant time with her loved ones. Currently she is a organiser of 2 active Meetup communities in Ireland ” The Well-Being Club” and “Practical Strategies” and she finds great joy in leading them.

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