Helen works as a freelance educational consultant and has worked on diverse educational projects in English language teaching, linguistics, institutional mapping, training, curriculum and materials development, social inclusion and education in emergencies.

She has gained experience in institutional mapping and curriculum design as a senior trainer, senior training needs assessor, vocational English language course designer and short-term expert on the Trade Enhancement Project in the Arab Republic of Syria and as lead consultant with UNICEF Rwanda.

She is experienced in delivering English language training within capacity building projects, vocational, and institutional training, curriculum mapping and design, materials development together with experience of English language training needs assessment, course design and assessment from EU and UN projects in various countries. She has knowledge of the relevant international standards in the field, and those set by the Council of Europe.

Her portfolio of clients include projects funded by European Union’s European Regional Development Fund( where she worked as a senior cross cultural trainer and social inclusion expert) British Council Cyprus, (where she worked as team leader for the EU University Scholarship assessment project) British Council Algeria,( where she worked as senior teacher trainer with school inspectors, trainers and teachers) Garnet Education UK Limited,( where she worked as a senior teacher trainer in Iraq and Lebanon) , Marine Society of Sea Cadets( where she worked as a consultant drafting tender documents for English at Sea tenders)

She has significant experience working in Irish and UK universities researching & delivering English Academic literacy skills and English for Academic Purposes courses to international university students and delivery of English for Specific courses with examiner and assessment experience of international students at tertiary level. She is a senior International Baccalaureate diploma examiner and in addition has co-authored Absolute Legal English published by DELTA Publishing designed to facilitate improvement of linguistic capabilities of legal professionals operating in English.

She has more than 10 years delivering English language face to face teacher training for trainees to acquire the EDI Cert.TEFL qualification. She is familiar with English language vocational training needs assessment and English language capacity building alignment of programmes with public authorities and vocational requirements of individual departments.

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