Andreas (PhD in Materials Science, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse) is at the moment an independent researcher working on various projects as an external advisor. Born in Nicosia in 1988, he is passionate about self-development and has from an early age tutored people in various stages of his life. This passion to transmit knowledge to different groups of people with different needs and characteristics has evolved by studying applying new interactive in combination with traditional methods to accomplish his goal.

He was the president for two years of a student group with over 50 members during his time as a student in the school of chemical engineering in the National Technical University of Athens bringing the group first in the student elections during these two years plus 1 more as an active member. During his PhD thesis, he was the sole representative of all the PhD students in his lab to the directorial board for 3 years.

Andreas believes that transmission of information and the learning curve for any subject can always be accelerated by modernizing our methods and applying various psychological and behavioural tactics suited for any group of people. He is also one of the founders of AA Transformations, a recently created team that gives personal development courses in Cyprus with plans for expansion globally later on.

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