BEST Project: Building Skills to Fight Fake News in Cyprus!

In July 2023, a dynamic group of youth workers from Romania, Spain, Italy, and Cyprus gathered in Limassol for an enriching training session under the BEST project. This five-day training course, organized by DOREA Educational Institute, Associata SMART Educational Project, and the European Network for Training and Skills, became a place of knowledge and collaboration.

Highlights of the Week

Led by teams from DOREA and Associata SMART Educational Project, participants explored the complexities of fake news, understanding its creation, the orchestrators behind it, and its profound impact. They delved into various subjects, including types of media, the historical context of fake news and propaganda, disinformation in the age of big data, deepfakes, and the use of statistics in the fake news context.  Beyond gaining knowledge, participants developed the ability to understand the influence of fake news and propaganda. They deepened their understanding of historical distortion and alternative narratives, recognizing critical thinking as the ultimate tool against misinformation.

BEST project training in CyOn the final day, the European Network for Training and Skills led a workshop where participants brainstormed ideas for impactful educational videos, showcasing their newfound knowledge and collaborative spirit.

Exploring Limassol’s Charms: Amidst learning, participants explored Limassol, enjoying the old town’s charm, the picturesque marina, and the beautiful beaches, enriching their holistic experience.

As we continue our journey towards truth and awareness, stay tuned for more updates from this inspiring venture dedicated to combating misinformation and fostering a culture of tolerance!

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