Clear Mind, Fulfilled Life: A Path to Personal Excellence

Erasmus+ "Phishing" project

Description: ​This immersive and practical six-day program is meticulously crafted for participants seeking to unlock the power of mental clarity for extraordinary results in both personal and professional spheres. Throughout the week, participants will delve into the foundations of a clear mind, explore the psychology behind mental clarity, and learn to balance intellect and insight for wise decision-making. Practical sessions will focus on simplifying thought processes, fostering emotional intelligence, and empowering individuals to apply clarity principles in everyday life. Participants will engage in interactive workshops, case studies, games and role-plays as well as explore the country in the cultural trip – emerging with a heightened sense of self-awareness and a toolkit for navigating life with unparalleled clarity.


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Dates and Locations

This is an on-demand workshop for learners, thus no course sessions are scheduled.

*If you have a group of 6 learners or more, we can organise a workshop at any convenient dates.

Daily Programme


  • Introduction and ice-breaking
  • Needs analysis and goal setting
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Basics of Clear Thinking
  • Exploring the Psychology of Mental Clarity (discussions)
  • Unveiling Facts about Human Thinking (games)
  • Reflection and Day Evaluation


  • Recognising my type. Self-assessment (questionnaire, group exercises)
  • Health/well-being –  source, mechanism and implications for learning process and outcomes
  • Dealing with your emotions in healthy and helpful ways (presentation and discussions)
  • Techniques for Nurturing Emotional Intelligence (exercises)
  • Grasping the Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought (introduction using real-life applications)
  • Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought  - applications of the understanding of the 3 principles  in various contexts (Case studies, short films and role-play games)
  • Reflection and Day Evaluation


  • Achieving a Balance Between Intellect and Insight
  • Discovering Wisdom for Better Decision-Making
  • Tools and Techniques for Infinite Insight (introduction using real-life applications)
  • Integrating Insights into Daily Practices (exercises)
  • Reflection and Evaluation


  • Design Thinking for Simplicity
  • Practical Applications in Real-Life Scenarios
  • Breaking Limiting Assumptions
  • Mini Coaching Sessions for Personal Clarity I
  • Mini Coaching Sessions for Personal Clarity II
  • Reflection and Evaluation


  • A New Perspective on Decision-Making
  • Guiding Life Choices Through Wisdom
  • Empowering Through a Clear Mind
  • Integrating Clarity Principles into Daily Life
  • Practical Exercises and Role-Playing


  • Applying Clarity and three principles in personal and professional Life
  • How will I use new knowledge in my professional  & personal life – future plan (exercise and presentations)
  • Feedback: Sharing personal insights
  • Certificates and farewell
  • Cultural trip


Competences Acquired by Participants

Specific objectives of the seminar are:

  • Enhanced understanding of the foundations of a clear mind and its impact on personal and professional outcomes.
  • Improved psychological insights into innate mental health and human thinking processes.
  • Advanced knowledge of achieving a balance between intellect and insight.
  • Development of emotional intelligence and strategies for dealing with emotions effectively.
  • Acquired wisdom and tools for accessing an infinite well of insight and potential.
  • Ability to apply clarity principles to decision-making processes.
  • Strengthened capacity for simplifying thought processes and eliminating limiting assumptions.
  • Practical experience in mini-coaching sessions for gaining clarity on personal projects, goals, and challenges.
  • Cultivation of a self-correcting mechanism for intelligent decision-making "behind the scenes”.
  • Enhanced communication skills and the ability to foster satisfying relationships through mental clarity.
Type of Certification of Attendance Awarded
  • Certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input
  • Europass mobility certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s NA
Course Packages

Please note that ‘All in one – single room’ and ‘All in one – double room’ packages are being offered in all locations except London, Dublin, Barcelona, Athens, Porto, Lyon, Split and Pisa, where we have only the ‘Basic’ course package.

       1. ‘ALL IN ONE – Single room’ PACKAGE - 1240€

  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Welcome dinner
  • Accommodation in a Single room in a 3 or 4-star hotel (6 nights)
  • Full Board (5 days)
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural visit

      2. ‘ALL IN ONE – Double Room Sharing’ PACKAGE- 1040€

  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Welcome dinner
  • Accommodation - double room sharing in a 3 or 4-star hotel (6 nights)
  • Full Board (5 days)
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural visit

*Choose double room sharing if you are 2 colleagues from the same organisation willing to share a double room/ or if you have any accompanying person travelling to the venue of the course together with you (we can arrange the accommodation for accompanying persons as well).

       3. ‘BASIC’ course PACKAGE - 450€

  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Welcome dinner
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural visit

Note: separate invoices for the training fee only (400 EUR) can be issued upon request from the organisation.

DOREA as well offers group discounts in the case of 7 or more persons from the same organisation.




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