Since 2012 DOREA implemented numerous projects within ERASMUS+ programme KA2, KA1 and KA3: 11 projects as a project coordinator (host organisation), and 21 projects as a project partner (sending organisation). We have hosted around 400 project participants in our projects. The full list of DOREA Educational Institute projects can be seen below.

DOREA can join your project proposal too! DOREA’s general scope is to offer high quality non-formal education to adults and young people, covering the three main areas of non-formal education, that is socio-cultural (popular) education, education for personal development and professional training. If you are looking for a reliable partner with the excellent track record of the implemented projects, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@dorea.org . For your easy reference please see our partner information form (PIF).

DOREA staff has a vast experience in management and financial management of complex projects co-financed by the EU, and specifically in the areas of preparation of strategic documents, tenders, agreements and proposals, the financial management and monitoring, as well as, coordination of suppliers, and partners, among others, dissemination of the results. Staff members were/are involved in programmes such as ERASMUS+ KA1 and KA2, HORIZON 2020, INTERREG, FP7, MEDA, LLP, Life+, YIA, ESF, MED, ENPI MED.

DOREA could take part in your projects:

  • As local or international training course/workshop/seminar organiser
  • As provider of expertise in social and professional development of adults and youth
  • As developer of regional policies designed to support social enterprises
  • As supporter of entrepreneurship development and capacity building
  • As developer and supporter of e-learning platform
  • As strong partner in dissemination and exploitation of results at local, regional as well as national and international level
  • As bringing experienced partners to your project idea

Projects as Coordinator

Projects as a Partner

Project Participants Hosted

Two birds


The main goal of the project is the achievement of relevant and high-quality soft skills among vulnerable groups for employability, better social integration and more successful education.


ERASMUS+ KA2: Creative Reading and Writing

The "Creative reading and writing: exchange of teaching strategies in adult education" project is designed to promote media literacy, exchange of experience and practices between organizations involved in adult education


ERASMUS+ KA2: Youthocracy vol. 2

The project strives towards the achievement of sustainable change in support of youth development through additional non-formal education for young people and networking opportunities for youth workers.


ERASMUS+ KA2: Raising Equality And Cultural Tolerance (REaCT)

This project objective is to influence adult European citizens and encourage them to take action in favour of a more tolerant Europe, respectful of human rights and obligations


ART project


The goal of the project is to improve the quality of public services related to youth entrepreneurship in the Cultural Sector within transnational partnership networks within two years.


Deadline for Erasmus+ KA2 in the field of youth 04th October 2018 12:00 CET








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