The project "Teamwork beats unemployment" emphasised the youth unemployment issue in Europe also addressing the fact that the youth migration rate is very high due to the need of finding a job. Countries all over the world are influenced by globalisation and this has also its implications and influences over migration rates. The overarching objective of the youth exchange was to use the competitive advantages of countries and the abilities of people, in order to be entrepreneurial; to understand the differences and the similarities of countries as well as understanding people and their diversity. The project took a position to support people to be successful and help them overcome the unemployment problem by addressing these issues. The main aim of the project was to increase awareness of the current employment situation and needs in Europe. Moreover, the project aimed to develop team working skills in a multicultural environment. The highlight of the project was the trilateral youth exchange activity.

The core activity of the project was increasing awareness of the unemployment issue and the employment situation in Europe and develop team working skills in multicultural environment using various methods such as outdoor team games, workshops, seminars, visit to youth organisations and excursions. After the specific activities, participants of the project were envisaged to become more competitive in the labour market, to gain knowledge and skills that will be essential for them in order to beat unemployment.

DOREA Educational Institute wants to thank everyone who made a contribution to the preparation and implementation of the project and helped to make one step forward towards the better future!


PROGRAMME: Youth In Action

PROJECT NUMBER: CY-11-22-2012-R2

DURATION: 01.08.2012 – 30.11.2012


  • PRISM – IT
  • University of Applied Sciences – LT

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