The sense of citizenship is one of the most important issues/concepts which the people of an EU member country should be aware of. The project "I am an EU Citizen" aims to encourage youths from different EU countries to be proud of saying "I am an EU Citizen", motivate them in paying attention to main EU issues and ensure that they know what it means to be an EU citizen and what are the rights as well as the obligations of an EU citizen.

The main aim of "I am an EU Citizen" project is to share the experience of being EU citizen and encourage others to act as a responsible EU citizen. The main task is to develop the meaning of citizenship for the EU youths of today.

The participants were chosen from five different countries (Cyprus, Romania, Italy, Estonia and Poland), which have been selected carefully to serve the purpose of the proposed project. More specifically, the countries have been chosen based on their accession date to the European Union (EU) and have a right balance between 'new' and 'old' EU countries, so as the newcomers could learn from experienced participants for old EU countries, as well as share their "fresh" point of view on the active citizenship and its meaning.

The main objectives of the project are following:

  • Promote the EU citizenship among young people from different EU countries;
  • Encourage the youth to follow the example of EU citizen;
  • Find out which issues the EU youth face today and possible solutions on how to solve them using participants’ experience;
  • Exchange the experience of being EU citizen: advice, encouragement, motivation and inspiration to each other;
  • Encourage participants to disseminate the EU citizenship idea at their closest environment and to their peers.

The participants have to understand and analyze the importance of EU citizenship. The activities performed by participants during the project are oriented and focused on participants' self-assessment, creative self-expression, presentation and sharing of experience with other participants and self-evaluation. During the activity taking the participants were engaged to workshops, group games and tasks, seminars, sharing good practices and their experience living in various EU countries. Moreover, there were outdoor activities and meetings/discussions with EURES organization, environmental friendly company representatives, social-cultural excursions, among others.


PROGRAMME: Youth In Action
PROJECT NUMBER: CY-11-32-2012-R3
DURATION: 01.02.2013 – 31.07.2012

  • I.C. Stefanescu – RO
  • PRISM – IT
  • Kitu kampu – EE

Youth in Action project
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