"A European Young Citizens' Initiative" is a Youth Democracy project under the Youth in Action program, sub-action 1.3, that involved 252 young people from 14 different organisations from Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania. The project aim was to encourage a reflection and a practice on the "European citizen’s initiative”, to encourage young people to work together on these initiatives right, in order to foster their active participation in forming political opinions and decisions. The project was designed as a space for reciprocal and intercultural learning, where young people learn to express themselves and communicate with each other in order to actively participate in European debates and decisions. The main aim was to bring young citizens closer to the European democracy life in order to enable them to play a full part in a more democratic society and live citizenship to the full. You can see more detailed info in the project brochure.

The project is divided into 7 phases:

Phase 1 – Management of the project

Promoter organisation will contact all the participating organizations in order to facilitate monitoring and effective communication between the partners.

Phase 2 – Local focus groups

Local focus group will be held by each partner organization. Main aims are:  to introduce the project and European Citizens Initiative and to assess needs of young people aged from 15 to 30 years old that could be translated in a European Citizens' Initiative. Each group will consist of 18 young people aged from 15 to 30 years old plus 1 policy maker.

Phase 3 – 1st transnational workshop November 2013, Caltanisseta, Italy

Young people attending the workshop will explore together the following issues: what is a European Citizens' Initiative, what can be proposed as a citizens' initiative, who can organise a citizens' initiative and how to share conclusions from local focus groups. At the end of the workshop, participants will form a "young citizens' Committee" composed of at least 7 EU young citizens being resident in 7 different member states (1/participating country).

Phase 4 – Drafting the citizens initiative proposal

As follow up of the 1st workshop, the main conclusions will be drafted in form of a common youth-based initiative in order to launch a proper Citizens' initiative. According to the general procedures to register a Proposed initiative, organisers will draft a document providing all required information for the registration of the proposed initiative.

Phase 5 – 2nd Transnational workshop March 2014, Limassol, Cyprus

During the workshop, the proposed initiative will be presented and participants will explore the further steps for registration of the proposed initiative. The workshop will include as well: analysis of other open/closed initiatives, debate and reciprocal confrontation on the potential of the European citizens' initiatives in their future, reflection on follow-up activities. 21 young people (aged from 15-30) will participate in the workshop.

Phase 6 – The booklet “A European young citizens’ initiative”

A final booklet “A European young citizens' initiative” will be created with the active involvement of all promoters, including the results of both local and international activities. The guide will be free to download in the partner websites and available in different languages (Italian, Greek, English, Romanian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Polish, Lithuanian).

Phase 7 – Dissemination and exploitation of final project results and outcomes

Results of the project will be disseminated and exploited in order to maximise the impact of the project activities and to ensure that others young people can exploit the project’s results.


PROGRAMME: Youth In Action


DURATION: 15.06.2013 – 15.08.2014

  • PRISM-Promozione Interanzionale Sicilia- Mondo – IT
  • Arteca Onlus – IT
  • Clube Volei de Evora – PT
  • 100% Aventura Desporto e Natureza – PT

You can find here created brochure of the project.

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