Sever Džigurski is an independent consultant in development cooperation programs, civil society projects and institutional reform initiatives. He is involved in youth and education policy, institutional reforms, personal and organisational development, community transformation and non-formal learning processes since late 1990s, in the capacity of volunteer, researcher, trainer, coordinator, evaluator and policy analyst.

Sever obtained two University Certificates in Leadership and Developmental Community Youth Work at Jonkoping University (Sweden) and BA in Communication at Singidunum University (Serbia). He is currently finishing Erasmus Mundus Master in Public Policy, at International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (Spain).

Sever is passionate about social change processes where he focuses on learning, quality assurance of services and programs, inter-sector cooperation mechanisms and civic involvement. His work is interdisciplinary, with focus on policy and research as well as strong ties to the practical implementation of projects and grass-roots initiatives. Sever’s competencies are especially strong in relation to non-formal training, qualitative researches, service delivery structures at the local level, planning, monitoring and reporting methodologies.

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