Jo Wilkie is a British trainer, coach and psychologist living in Barcelona with her Guatemalan husband and 3 children.  She has lived and worked in many countries and been involved in training and development for 20 years.  She trained in London and worked in internal Training and Development, Human Resources and Occupational Psychology.  She wrote training modules for the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) and also worked at The Work Foundation as a consultant and researcher whilst also gaining experience in Germany, France and Hong Kong.  Living an international life in many countries means that she has trained people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and enjoys the intercultural aspects of training.

More recently she worked in Guatemala and Cuba in NGOs and educational institutions and when returning to Europe took a postgraduate qualification in the Promotion of Resilience.  She is presently studying another postgraduate qualification at the University of Barcelona in migration, social exclusion and psycho social intervention.

She is passionate about resilience, integration and diversity and also volunteers on projects with refugees and homeless.

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