On 15 October 2022, DOREA organised a CyberPhish multiplier event – a workshop titled “Cybersecurity and phishing attacks”

CyberPhish is a European project aimed at raising awareness about cybersecurity. As part of this project, DOREA organised a workshop for students, teachers, staff and the general public who want to learn how to protect themselves against cyber attacks and fraud.

Data theft is a major problem for many, as cybercriminals use faster and more innovative means to carry out data theft campaigns. Although it is a problem for many people, human-led data theft defence systems can be developed through education to properly detect and respond to data theft attacks.

Cyberphish multiplierDuring the workshop, participants have:

  •    Enhanced their knowledge of Cybersecurity
  •    Learnt about different types of phishing
  •    Improved their knowledge of Social Engineering
  •    Practised how to recognise phishing attempts/scams
  •    Learnt tips & tricks on how to defend themselves from cybersecurity attacks


We invite everyone interested to improve their knowledge by joining CyberPhish online course. The online course is free and open to everyone, sign up here www.cyberphish.eu/learn. 


The course is available in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Greek languages.

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