Since 2012 DOREA implemented numerous projects within ‘Youth in Action’ and ERASMUS+ programme KA1 and KA2: 7 projects as a project coordinator (host organisation), and 13 projects as a project partner (sending organisation). We have hosted around 220 project participants in our projects. The full list of DOREA Educational Institute projects can be seen below.

DOREA can join your project proposal too! DOREA’s general scope is to offer high quality non-formal education to adults and young people, covering the three main areas of non-formal education, that is socio-cultural (popular) education, education for personal development and professional training.

DOREA staff has a vast experience in management and financial management of complex projects co-financed by the EU, and specifically in the areas of preparation of strategic documents, tenders, agreements and proposals, the financial management and monitoring, as well as, coordination of suppliers, and partners, among others, dissemination of the results. Staff members were/are involved in programmes such as ERASMUS+ KA1 and KA2, HORIZON 2020, INTERREG, FP7, MEDA, LLP, Life+, YIA, ESF, MED, ENPI MED.

DOREA could take part in your projects:

  • As local or international training course/workshop/seminar organiser
  • As provider of expertise in social and professional development of adults and youth
  • As developer of regional policies designed to support social enterprises
  • As supporter of entrepreneurship development and capacity building
  • As developer and supporter of e-learning platform
  • As strong partner in dissemination and exploitation of results at local, regional as well as national and international level
  • As bringing experienced partners to your project idea

Projects as Coordinator

Projects as a Patner

Project Participants Hosted

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The main goal of the project is the achievement of relevant and high-quality soft skills among vulnerable groups for employability, better social integration and more successful education.


ERASMUS+ KA2: Creative Reading and Writing

The “Creative reading and writing: exchange of teaching strategies in adult education” project is designed to promote media literacy, exchange of experience and practices between organizations involved in adult education


ERASMUS+ KA2: Youthocracy vol. 2

The project strives towards the achievement of sustainable change in support of youth development through additional non-formal education for young people and networking opportunities for youth workers.



ERASMUS+ KA1: Stop wasting time, Do more, Be more!

The projects focus on the problem of wasting time, which particularly applies to the young people living in well-developed countries.


ERASMUS+ KA1: Social Innovations

The projects aim at improving youth workers knowledge on how to spread the entrepreneurship spirit, how to develop their own ideas and make them a working business as well as to transfer the gained knowledge to youth.


ERASMUS+ KA1: Social City

Social City project will be an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and best practices among social workers and youth in order to raise awareness on urban social issues and to stimulate active participation of youth in the civic society.


ERASMUS+ KA1: Erasmus Muse

A youth exchange where participants will get familiar with Art and Culture as its presented through the 9 Muses in an interactive way through creative workshops.


ERASMUS+ KA1: SUNemploymentΤΟΟ

The “SUNemploymentΤΟΟ” project aims to inform youth about situation of youth unemployment in different countries as well as about job and educational opportunities.


ERASMUS+ KA1: No more Whispers: Spreading EU goodness

No more Whispers project will focus to bring people from  Europe (EU and non-EU) and informing as well as interviewing them about their vision of the Europe of tomorrow through a live travel blog, videos and raising awareness about EU.

ERASMUS+ KA1: Working in Europe!! (WiE)

Working in Europe!! (WiE) is a youth exchange project that will focus on encouraging healthy behaviours by promoting outdoor activities and grassroots sport.

ERASMUS+ KA1: Own the Potential of Environment in Non-formal Education

OPEN Education project will focus on training and educating youth workers and youth organisations on how they can create learning context for youngsters in every situation.

ERASMUS+ KA1: Enter Unity - EU4U

The context and the origin of the project is the need of Europe to have young people actively engaged in the EU youth activities and the social need to empower them to do so.

Erasmus_youth work

ERASMUS+ KA1: Great Team Needs a Great Coach

The aim of this project is to improve the core competencies of participants in the field of youth work and the creation of tools for professionals working with young people.

ERASMUS+ KA2: The Young Side of the Moon

This project aims at promoting the exchanges and cooperation in the field of youth between youth organizations engaged in community development from different World-contexts: Europe, Asia and Africa.

ERASMUS+ KA1: First Step

FIRST STEP project focus to enhance youth workers capacities and skills to be able to motivate youth in taking the initiative of starting its own business and making a positive transition to the work field.

Youth in Action: I Am an EU Citizen

This project aims to encourage youths from different EU countries to be proud of saying “I am an EU Citizen”.

Youth in Action: Empowering Youth Participation in EU

This project is talking challenges: how do young people envision themselves as active citizens with a powerful say in the shaping of the Future of Europe? How can Europe help make their voice heard?

Youth in Action: Eco-People

Project’s idea is the promotion of more sustainable lifestyles and eco-friendly behaviors among young people.

Youth in Action: Teamwork Beats Unemployment

The project emphasized the youth unemployment issue in Europe also addressing the fact that the youth migration rate is very high due to the need of finding a job.

Youth in Action: A European Young Citizens' Initiative

The project aim is to encourage a reflection and a practice on the “European citizen’s initiative”, to encourage young people to work together on these initiatives’ right.

Deadline for Erasmus+ KA1 staff mobility and KA2 in the field of youth 1st February 2018 12:00 CET